Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 June 2021


I hope everyone has a wonderful summer week! 

  • OG: I'm so sorry about your granddaughter's troubles. I hope she will overcome them and be able to pursue her dream.

  • Hallo everyone and my usual THANK YOU to Diane.

    Lots of errands done today; am trying to get running about stuff done before a heatwave arrives next week....

    Have a good Sunday all.
  • Annette: I read about your anticipated heat wave. I so hope you won't have any fires. Stay safe. It was over 93F (that's 34C) here today and yesterday with high humidity. Sweltering.

    EDIT: I just read your fire warnings, Annette. Make sure you pack a go-bag and don't take any risks.

  • The irate customer called the newspaper office, loudly demanding "WHERE is MY Sunday paper?"
    "Madam", said the newspaper employee, "today is Saturday. The Sunday paper is not delivered until tomorrow, on SUNDAY."
    There was quite a long pause, then the customer was heard to mutter, "Well sh*t, that explains why no one was at church today."

  • Hehe, AQ. I will use that for the church news letter this week - but I will need to change one word ... guess which one!
  • My camera & I were out this morn early, hoping to find car parks easily. Most successful but one street in city, where I expected to find a park, was filled with buses, 8 or 9 or more cluttering the parking spaces & left lane. I guess another overseas flight came in and travellers were being bussed to the nearby quarantine hotel. Say, 200 on plane (distanced) would need 10 buses (20 per 40-seat bus). No way was I parking further away and walking past possible escaping little aerosol covids. I returned home in time for online streaming church service. As soon as I get my second jab, I shall brave real church.
  • Hello, and thank you to Diane for starting us off again and with good wishes, too!

    Sunny here after a cloudy start, so we've been for a short coastal walk. Plenty of people about, enjoying the weather & the scenery.

    Not going to do much for the rest of the day!!
  • Dau#1 & s-i-l called yester eve with treats – homemade truffle butter; persimmon & apple pie. Persimmons from their tree and even the butter was homemade. Quiet day here. Aussieland has a Monday holiday for HM’s birthday.
  • Just a thought

    You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. (C S Lewis)

  • AQ: Sounds yummy. But really! All those buses blocking your photo project! :-(