GLASLYN OSPREYS - APRIL to end of season 2021

  • Aran had been fishing, and intruder followed him back to the nest, but did not land. Aran and Mrs G are both in the old oak trees, as they were this morning.

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    Just glimpsed Aran flapping on the nest - there was an intruder on the perch - male?

    Cam was unable to capture Darvic but BGGW says:

    8:44 PMBywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn WildlifeKA5 is the 2019 chick from Llyn Brenig - Roli

    That makes him a son of dearest Blue24 

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    Oh, how fabulous!!!!!! That's brought tears to my eyes, Scylla...

  • Just terrific girls. Great videos Scylla. And thanks for your posts Patily and Sheila - good news both
  • Oh what brilliant news about Roli.

    Just over the moon to read he is back - thanks Scylla.


    This news about his return has also been posted on F/B

  • Please please can I tell you a story ? I have actually got a life-shortening illness and in conversation with a doctor just over 2 years ago she implied I probably wouldn't be around now. When I read of Roli's exploits of catching and taking back to the nest at least 2 fish at such a tender age I thought a) that should stand him in good stead for his future survival and b) Imust hang on to see if he returns in 2 years time.......and now I have read this wonderful, wonderful news. I shouted out with glee when I read it and shed some tears of sheer joy
    THANK YOU SO MUCH SCYLLA........and don't worry, I'll be around for LOT longer yet
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    Oh PATILY, that is such an emotional read - and sheer coincidence that I've just finished going back to yesterday to find the video - I hadn't followed Brenig in 2019 and didn't realise how significant KA5 was, so I've just come here to post the video and there you are, and it's immensely touching and rewarding to see how much it means to you.

    Such a shame he didn't show off his Darvic.