GLASLYN OSPREYS - APRIL to end of season 2021

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    Thank you, ALISON & RICHARD - I've posted corrections.  I did think it looked small but had digressed from whatever nest I was "doing" at the time and it didn't penetrate at all

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  • Heather has confirmed on Chat that it was a Peregrine. Amazing capture MC.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Thanks, Richard, Mike and scylla, I did wonder about Peregrine but plumped for the wrong raptor! Great to see anyway.
  • too fast a flyer for me. Well done to both of you Allison and Richard
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    26 July

    Quote Chat BGGW VC: 

    Aran is on the A498 tree.  No sign of Mrs G today so far. There have been no positive sightings of her since Thursday, although we have had a few possible sightings of her over Pont Croesor.

    KS8 looks quite similar to Mrs G in flight, so unless someone can see a ring we cannot be be sure which of the females it is. With KS8 being spotted here last week we cannot rule her out.
    Cam went down, new URL.

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    26/27 July Thru the night with MrsG & marmalised fish (and a spider an a bat):

    (I did call it a flounder but am not so sure it wasn't a spread out unflat fish.)