GLASLYN OSPREYS - APRIL to end of season 2021

  • Managed to capture this on slo-mo. Aran and the fish tail


  • Haha, thank you SANDRA - I did one as an afterthought, exactly the same, so have deleted it. See y'all later.

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    Snap, Scylla! lol
    I think more of the fish is visible in your vid, the one eighth speed section.

  • I think today was a good turning point. I hope Aran can move on from here and catch more fish for himself.
    I think there will be really worrying time next spring awaiting the return for both of them, but for now I give a sigh of relief!

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  • A new blog (9 June) giving a bit more on yesterday's excitement .  A Busy Day at Glaslyn Nest

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  • From today's chat

    11:42 BGGW VC  ​Mrs G took a fish earlier on this morning.

    12:14  Gail Edgley  just looked back to see the fox sighting at 9:40 - lovely, appears behind the reedy bit just as Aran poops!

    There is one fish on the nest at the moment.

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  • Going back - when the cam came on it was raining heavily, and the view was to the far dead tree - is that what they call the River Tree?  Someone, probably Aran, was on the tree until about 10.00 when it flew off, and the cam returned to the nest with one fish.

    Poss 08.00hr

    10.00 ishCam then moved back to the nest, and one fish.

    As already mentioned above, Glaslyn had reported:  11:42  BGGW VC​  Mrs G took a fish earlier on this morning., but they didn't say when.  Whether she took it from the food platform or another from the nest I don't know.

    Around 10.10 the cam view moved to here - I can't see an osprey!

    Unless they could see an osprey in the distance beyond the oak tree?

    About 10.30 ish the screen started to break up, blue screen and then back to the nest, with one fish.  A minute later the cam scanned a bit, and back to the nest.

    ca 11.50 another scan, and a view of the river further away, not the road bridge view and found nothing, so back to the nest, and still just the one fish.

    13.00 the cam had another scan and back to the nest - and a crow landed.  He was a bit cautious on the perch, flew off and returned to call, and fleww off again, leaving the fish!

    50 minutes ago, another scan out to the dead tree where it lingered - again no sign of an osprey.

    The wind it getting up - another scan of possible perches, and back to the nest where the fish still lies unattended!

    ©Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife

    LOL as I posted the crow returned to the perch, but flew off.

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  • In reply to SheilaFE:

    Thank you for all that, SHEILA

    10 June - Heather's report this morning "Aran left yesterday evening at 20.53 and was in the tree by the electric pole until 7.57 this morning with Mrs G. She left a minute after him, but I cannot locate her."

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  • KS8 intruding again at Glaslyn. Aran in attendance but no sign of Mrs G
    2pm MC if you look for it.

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  • In reply to Mike:

    Mike B said:
    KS8 intruding again at Glaslyn. Aran in attendance but no sign of Mrs G
    2pm MC if you look for it.

    It looked like there was at least one extra in the sky at the startish... so I've just thought to ask on Chat and apparently there was a Buzzard in the mix.