Brief History of Manton Bay:

The nest at Manton Bay was first used in 2007 by White 08(97) and Green 5N(04) who successfully raised 2 chicks.  In 2008 they paired again but the nest failed and in 2009 it was unused.  

In 2010 a new pair, Green 5R(04) and an unringed female nicknamed Mrs 5R, took up residence and over the next four years successfully raised 11 chicks.  

Green 5R(04) failed to return in 2014 and Mrs 5R paired with a new mate, Blue 28(10) and laid 3 eggs.  Blue 33(11) arrived determined to claim this nest and evicted Blue 28(10).  Blue 33(11) kicked out the eggs and spent the remainder of the season bonding with Mrs 5R who was then officially named “Maya”.  

In 2015 Maya and Blue 33(11) returned and to date have successfully raised 18 chicks including two broods of four the previous two seasons. 

© Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

Here’s wishing Maya and Blue 33(11) a safe journey home and for another successful season.