Poole Harbour Osprey Project 2021 Season

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    Both on the nest mid-morning - no mating attempts seen.  He was plumper-cropped than she.

    I'm off for a nap.


  • CJ7 taking  a half fish from 022

    © BofPH

    Richard B

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    Scylla, I love your snap of CJ7 and 022 looking at each other! Not sure how much you may have tweaked the picture, but it is curious that his necklace appears darker than hers in this snap.

    Kind regards, Ann

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    022 has got a very dark chest, looks a lot like a female

    Richard B

  • Interesting, Richard. I wonder if his will stay dark every time he moults, although other adult Osprey plumage seems to remain much the same from year to year--thinking of Mrs G at Glaslyn who remains very dark every year for example.

    Kind regards, Ann

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    I do "tweak" this cam a lot, GARDENBIRDER, because it's so wishy-washy (as well as very low res), but only "all over", so the comparative shades stay as per original, if you see what I mean  

    Richard G B said:
    CJ7 taking  a half fish from 022

    This was strange, RICHARD, because I'm wondering if he had got it from her prior, and if she had got it from him even prior-er - so who caught it in the first place?  Or were there 2 different fish-halves?

    This is a bit long, covering their behaviour over quite a while: