• Pat O, Looking back to last week I see I lost my post. I said then that I thought your Christmas tree sounded very jolly and festive! Home made decorations can be so lovely.

    OG - Your Santa does indeed sound as if he has to go..... I'm throwing out some lights for indoors which only glimmer a bit, and I have far too many strewn about already, so why I bought them I don't know. Some cutting down is needed.

    I've already taken out the one or two things dotted around our bedroom and the main bathroom. Trouble is I can't do more yet as we need the many boxes from under the stairs to pack everything into, and I'm not doing that till tomorrow, or even Tuesday.

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    Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye said:
    Bungalows are easier to find in Scotland

    They are a sight more affordable as well.

    Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye said:
    We have thrown out one decoration from Christmas - commonly known as "the farting Santa" he was filled with circulating glitter, but his action never seemed quite right and was accompanied by noises!

    He would have been right up our street!  Unless, of course, he came equipped with leaking methane?

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • CLARE love your humour.
  • No, CLARE, Santa did not smell!

    LINDA - do you really put Ch Decs in the bedrooms and bathrooms? That's amazing!
  • www.bbc.co.uk/.../uk-scotland-55524464

    Here is a link to a lovely story about an icebound swan being rescued from a loch in Glasgow
  • Lindy, I was also wondering like OG, about Ch decs in the bedroom and bathroom. I'm impressed!
  • Morning all:  Just on the BBC website where it says Boris is urging that schools open but that more restrictions may be imposed.  What?  Seems to be a disconnect there.   Ms. D has been doing online classes since March; her school won't open at all for the remainder of this school year.  I agree with OG that we shouldn't be telling kids they'll be damaged for life (watch out for self-fulfilling prophecies and all that)., but even granddaughter, who's giving Ms. D extra homework on top of the online classes, is getting worried.  I'm assuming summer school will be mandatory (if you can mandate anything in this pesky country) for many kids for the next two years....and that's assuming we'll have Covid under control by the spring.

    dibnlib:  Thank you for that link.  Made me smile.  

  • Yup. Bathroom has silver decorations as it goes better with the fittings, rather than the mainly gold & red which is everywhere else. Kitchen, conservatory, hallway, front porch, dining room, sitting room. When we have guests, a couple of pretty bits in the guest bedroom.

    Here is someone in the kitchen:

    A reindeer, given to me years ago by a friend- he is soft to cuddle but I leave him safely on a shelf. There are 3 reindeer in there, and a talking robin! Plus lots of holly and glittering tiny lights. And these:

  • In our bedroom, lives a singing cactus!! He sings "Feliz Navidad" because of course he is Mexican so he sings in Spanish. He also jigs around and has a switch so that you can turn him off, otherwise he would drive you crazy as he's sound activated!! Sometimes I switch him on without telling my OH......

    Edit: We've had him for untold years, I don't even remember where I got him from, now. Every year I think he wont work any more, but he does!