Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 22 November 2020

  • OG - I'm so pleased that J's hospital visit went well and that you managed to look after yourself . It can't be easy.
  • Determined to do this before working on Magazine!
    Good morning. Onto second page already – help!!

    DIANE – lovely start to the week. Hope it will be an uplifting one for you.

    ANNETTE – so pleased your Daughter is allowed to travel to California – presumably for medical reasons – and glad Miss D is coming too, being Thanksgiving this week. Not sure about Pup! Hope you find time to enjoy the week – I believe you said Grandson is expected too.

    AQ – pleased you had enough rain to refresh vegetables. I do hope you are taking it easy still. Especially liked printer joke!

    LINDA – wonderful Christmas cartoon!

    OH has gone to kitchen company to look at the plans – hoping he will come back with some virtual photos from the CAD. I gave him my sketches and list of requirements and some recent thoughts! J is watching TV. I will now work on magazine – sorry I didn’t get back to last week’s thread.
  • Lindy - Thank you for the Christmas cartoon. That will definitely go into the weekly news sheet I produce for the church! Everyone knows Christmas will be very different this year - this makes that abundantly clear!
  • Glad to be of help, Pat. :-)

    (I'll see what else I can find)
  • OG. Nice to hear you're OK and being productive. :-)

    We've had a quiet day and I wrote some overdue emails. Now I've just realised that I forgot to mention something which I should have made a point of, so I'm off to add to my musings. <sigh>

    Have polished the dining table where the jigsaw had resided, we have one of those jigsaw folders, but it's in Wales. Just sent for some online Christmas presents but the children still haven't said what they'd like. Bah!!
  • You made me laugh about the washing. My Mum wasn't at all house proud but was very particular about the washing. All pants had to be hung up with 2 pegs and everything was turned at least once. Lovely memories.
  • Morning all:  The trio arrived at 8:30 a.m. having left the motel in Banning at 5:30 - amazing time!  Daughter says No Traffic At All through Los Angeles!  Puppy very excited by new assortment of places and smells and has spent a lot of time chasing the birds back and forth.  She's inside now, so they'll have a chance to eat and not get indigestion.  

    Lindybird:  That cartoon is a riot!  

    OG:  Nobody is restricted when it comes to traveling (although they are telling everyone to stay home), but doc's appt was set three months ago before anyone thought of TxGiving.  Grandson is indeed expected; we will be spaced around the living room/kitchen or out in the garden. Hope you like the kitchen layout; March sounds like a good time for the work.  

  • Yesterday was strange – tropical, hot, thunderstorms, few showers - horrid. Today much improved, expecting 24 C. Partly the drop in temp, but I do feel much better this morn. I am no longer favouring my right arm though I shall not try stretching for things yet. Schools back today after our short drastic lockdown. Dau said Trio made Anzac biscuits, did some school worksheets & other educational play on their 2 days of no school. S-i-l again working from home.

    Hawksbill turtles here.

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