LOCH ARKAIG -The Woodland Trust - AUGUST 2020 and Mary GK's wonderful video of the 2020 season

This is the month when we'll doubtless see the Loch Arkaig ospreys depart on their journey south. We've enjoyed watching them this year - the wonderful parenting skills of Aila and Louis, and the antics of their 3 chicks, Captain, Vera and Doddie. Let's all enjoy the time we have left with them.

Mary GK did an absolutely wonderful video summarising the 2020 season. Thank you so much Mary! 

In 2018, both Aila and Louis were last seen on the nest on17th August, and one last seen in the area 2nd September but we don't know which one. 2019 last sighting dates on the nest were Aila13th August, Mallie 20th August, Louis 5th September and Rannoch 6th September.

2020 last dates.....

Link to July 2020 thread

Link to Youtube channel

Link to Woodland Trust Loch Arkaig page/webcam feed

  • Just seen this on LA chat roll:

    'Here is the Fishing Report for Friday 31st July.
    Louis brought four fish to the nest today: three brown trout and one flat fish.. This gives a running total of 419 fish since Louis and Aila reunited on April 6:
    382 brown trout
    8 silver tourists
    24 flatfish
    4 pike
    1 Arctic char (to be confirmed)'

  • Many thanks for the new thread, Korky! 

  • Thank you very much Korky for starting the new thread,    There was a fish delivery at 05.39, it was a scrum but JJ6 got it. 


     EJ's Photo Thread    Balgavies Loch Ospreys 2020

  • I think it is now JJ7 with the fish and JJ6 on the left at thebackand JJ8 on the right

    C WT Loch Arkaig

  • JJ8 took charge of the fish after about 20 mins.   Then eventually JJ7 pounced and managed to grab it. 

    Got to hand it to him, JJ7 has been a wily wee character since he first hatched, despite being the smallest he always managed to get fed.  

    I love this screen shot, are the other two in the huff because he has the fish Ha Ha....


     EJ's Photo Thread    Balgavies Loch Ospreys 2020

  • I was just posting this one as it shows the difference in size between JJ8 and her brother.

    Richard B

  • Thanks for setting up the August thread Korky. 07.30, JJ6 has a bit of (I assume the same) fish with JJ7 watching. Ian

    EDIT - JJ8 on the nest now as well.

  • Morning everyone! Korky, thanks for setting up the new thread. Re the fishing report, it might be two Arctic Char, there are three fish awaiting adjudication by George when he returns from his break. BTW, I posted yesterday's final two fish on the old one last night, but it shows up as this morning? Strange!  Ian, I posted fish two up as well after I saw your message.

    I enjoyed all this morning's photos especially Richard's size contrast and Mary's huff photos. An entertaining family, won't be with us much longer!

    Can't see a video from Mary so here's this morning fish delivery, sorry Mary if you did post one and it hasn't shown up on my system yet. My screen keeps buffering - odd how the nest cam livestream in the wilds of the Highlands functions perfectly well, yet here in London I keep having wifi trouble...