LOCH ARKAIG - AUGUST 2020 TO MARCH 2021. Highlights are Mary GK's and Geemeff's wonderful videos of the 2020 season

  • In reply to Geemeff:

    Geemeff said:
    The good, the bad and the OMG!

    I've only just got around to making time for your video, GEEMEFF - what a tour de force, de skill and d'organisation

    And what a delight, thank you so very much

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  • Oh what a fantastic reminder of a wonderful season for Louis and Aila. Thank you so much Geemeff, it was brilliant and definitely one to keep.

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  • From George WT

    George Anderson

     I have just posted the following on the WT page:

    This page does not so much migrate as hibernate!
    We are planning to switch off this comment stream some time on Friday this week. At the same time the livestream will be replaced on this page by a short season summary video.
    The livestream will continue to be viewable direct on Youtube until Monday, when it will be switched off for the winter.
    The livestream, and these comments will be switched back on in the second week of March in good time for the expected return of the ospreys.
    We are not planning to use the Commento system in 2021 but I don't know as yet what the replacement will be.
    As we have mentioned before, for those of you who wish to keep discussing ospreys over winter or find out about other wildlife cameras to watch, a couple of non-Woodland Trust sites have emerged - run by fans of this livestream.
    Walking With Daddy runs on the Disqus platform and provides a chat thread similar to here.
    Friends of Loch Arkaig Ospreys is a private group on Facebook.
    If there is any notable news of our ospreys over winter then it will likely be shared through our social media channels, not that we expect any such news.
    I cannot emphasise enough how lucky and rare the Doddie in Somerset situation has been.
    Best wishes, wherever you coorie doon for the winter!

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  • 'Jenny' on the LA webcam page also reported the sighting of the pine marten, and Geemeff added a vid of the pine marten on the nest.-  

    Geemeff commented

    Great spot, Jenny!


    Pine Marten visits 03.36.02 - 03.36.10

    The tree defences will be looked at when the camera is removed for its annual service. Until then, we might see more visits. Handsome creatures, aren't they. Looking for squirrels or other birds?

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  • Woodland Trust official season highlights 2020 published today: