LOCH ARKAIG - AUGUST 2020 TO FEBRUARY 2021. Highlights are Mary GK's and Geemeff's wonderful videos of the 2020 season

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    What a wonderful summary you have given us Geemeff, thank you so much.

    Ospreys have had much wider coverage this year with the BBC seemingly to focus on webcams, which is good news.  How could anyone not fail to fall in love with these amazing characters.  They have been under my skin for thirteen years now when there were so few cams to follow.  Now we are blessed, so much so it is almost impossible to keep up.  But I love LA because I have seen it from the bonding stage, when Lonesome Louis was seeking a female.  Aila arrived.  Such a pretty osprey.  The steep learning curve, the maturity that has brought us to 2020.  This year has been amazing when everything went the way we hope an osprey nest would, all with a wonderful backdrop of blues, greens, heathers, greys, sun, rain, mist - did we have snow this year, I expect we did.

    BBC Radio 5 had a brief item this morning, which can be heard from about 55 mins 24 sec.   It's about Doddie in Somerset.

    Thanks, Sheila! Yes, there was snow when the camera went live: