Hallo all:  Have a good week and don't forget to check the latest posts on last week's thread.

  • Thanks ANNETTE for starting us off with another week. We could do with a boring un-newsworthy week..

    PAT & OG – Glad to help with filling your church bulletins.

    The heat does not reach my computer room. It was freezy at online church this morn, just like the real thing LOL. I was too lazy to wash my hair yesterday, no one to impress. It will be a shock when live services return and I have dress Sunday best instead of same old “anything goes”.

  • People and things do not upset us. Rather, we upset ourselves by believing that they can upset us.

    Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day. (A A Milne, paraphrased from “House at Pooh Corner”)

    A year from now, everything you are stressing about won’t even matter.

    Three things you should know. . . 1) This too shall pass, 2) You are loved, 3) It is Monday. . . or maybe Saturday. (church sign)

  • Good Morning, and thank you to Annette for starting us off on another week.

    AQ - Some great quotes there, today - I might repeat a few elsewhere. I remember hearing a counsellor type man on TV once saying that about "A year from now..." and I sometimes repeat it to myself.

    Damp and dreary here again but we're glad of the rain which might now begin to penetrate our very dry soil. And the brown, patchy, weedy thing we call a "lawn" ;-)

  • Good morning to all
    Thank you ANNETTE for starting the week. I'm so happy that you will be going to AZ for Miss D's special events.
    I'm very reassured to read that most of us have weeds in our grass. I rather imagine though, that not a weed will be found in OGs ! I have got some feed stuff which says on the packet will discourage weeds and moss. I'll believe it when I see it.
    Sorry about your walk, PAT. I hope it will happen soon but the weather forecast isn't that great, is it?
    LINDY - When I switch on my bedroom TV it says ' Smart' on the screen and it is definitely connected to the internet but that is as much as I know..... I think yours may be Smarter :-)
    OG - when I do get sleep I wake suddenly, remembering the most bizarre dreams. Last night, a friend gave birth suddenly, in my house....
    And PAT - there is a theory that says it you try hard to stay awake then you will sleep. Last night I was awake and as usual, listening to the WS. My ears pricked up as I heard that the next programme would be about the female pilots of the Air Transport who flew Spitfires from factory to air stations. I'm keenly interested in that sort of thing. Guess what? Fell asleep.
    AQ - I like reading about the Grand Design. Do you ever (accidentally of course) see the new owners inspecting things?
    Have a good Sunday, everyone
  • Managed to get a walk just before lunch, after a particularly heavy shower. We reckoned it might be a while before it rained again, and it was - we did it in the dry. Bonnie enjoyed herself but got very dirty within 5 minutes, by rolling on her back in something unspeakable. Then, on our way back to the car, she disappeared for a few minutes. When she reappeared, it was obvious that she'd found a nice, dirty sludge ditch to paddle in.... so that was the feet, legs and undercarriage black, too. Ugh Had to be washed down when we got back.

    OG - We already had a small TV in the bedroom - I watch the News when my OH brings me my morning cuppa, and we both watch something together before lights out, quite often. The old one was beginning to make some buzzing noises from the speakers, and occasionally cut out reception without warning. Heather - If you have a smart TV, it means that it can connect to your Wi-Fi and give you the use of the BBC iPlayer and the ITV Hub, to view programmes you might have missed recently.

  • Heather, I agree to a fascination with AQs Grand Design property. Wonder what kind of people will finally move in?

    I'm also interested in the women of the Air Transport, who were a tough bunch.

  • Bonnie, reappearing & mighty pleased with herself, all muddy and with leaves hanging from her ears.

  • Erm...... a picture of Where We Saw a Wren. 2 seconds before I took this picture!!

  • That is one happy dog!
  • In reply to Pat O:

    I want to be as happy as that dog with leaves in her ears! LOL