LOCH ARKAIG - The Woodland Trust - June 2020

  • Middle chick must be a female, it's already practicing its Mumbrella.

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    Richard B

  • In reply to MaryGK:

    Thank you, IAN :)  I've done some bits for the nests not covered fully by others but won't be around much.


    MaryGK said:
    I don't have the time to read every single thread today as that would take forever 

    I'm finding the new style even worse than the old, and that's saying something!

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    Ian S said:

    11.15, the delay in Louis bringing a fish is explained, he arrives with a flat fish, I assume a flounder. Feeds becoming noisier affairs. Ian

    I called my clip synchronised squeaking, Ian, they're definitely getting noisier. One of the chicks was fish-calling earlier!