Poole Harbour Osprey Project MAY/JUN/JUL/AUG 2020

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    I think that CJ7 was on the campost at tea-time and am sure she was there, scrabbling in the inimitable way of ospreys ;) @ 21:36, taking off @ 21:37.  If only she'd fly in the right direction...

    There was a flyby but too small and flapping too fast for an osprey.

    LenSpider continues his activities, which I do hope are not making me miss precious Nightjar.

    Apparently, some spiders eat their webs "daily" and make a new one, this must be one of those:

    I think that's up to 04:00.

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  • My very own sighting this morning at RSPB Lytchett Fields, Poole Harbour. Looks to be an unringed female, so not CJ7. Could be the one that visited the nest with a fish the other day. Click on the photos for better quality.

    © Alison Copland

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    The second one is especially elegant, ALISON, thank you for sharing!

    This was the last frame before daycam:

    The colour on the PH cam has gone wrong again this morning:

    05:17 there was a landing on the campost, take-off 05:49.  Not 100% it was an osprey, and to support the doubt a corvid paid a visit thereafter.

    07:12 CJ7 brought a stick and pottered - as you can see, she's rather washed out:

    Empty crop, she doesn't go fishing early:

    CJ7 flew off rather than up to the campost but shortly after there was a cambump.

    If you don't have time to watch this <2m video, please skip to the end-ish for the 2 tiny squeals that accompany the cambump: