• 21:22 Nightcam scene. All chicks are tucked in or are close as they can be to Maya (a clod of nesting material is on the far right of the nest)


  • In reply to Lynette:

    33 took away a scrappy fish leftover @ 04:33:

    But he's back already, it looks as tho Maya would like to feed breakfish but there isn't any - well I can't see if he brought anything back :-/

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  • There was a small blur in one foot, and now Maya is pulling on something so I think he must have brought the very tailend.

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  • None of the osplets are interested! Maya is feeding herself in tiny nibbles.

    Tiger's Osprey Info & World Bird Cams

  • Morning ALL - thanks for updates and captures.  Especially pleased to see there was an evening feed last night and all fed - thanks Sandra:-)

    Today chick #1 is 18 days old, #2 is 16 days, #3 is 14 days and #4 is 11 days old.

    05:00 day cam

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  • 05:25 Maya rises to feed the chicks from a small fish piece\tail end on the nest

    #4 in front being fed

    #4 getting a few pieces and only one other chick interested just now 

    05:30  Intruder   -   Maya mantles 

    05:32 Maya resumes feeding - #4 gets another couple of bits

    05:33  Maya finishes off the tail end.  Feed over

    05:35  Maya settles down beside the chicks

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    Video of 05:25 Feed\Intruder