First day of a new month tomorrow - will the forums be incredibly slow?

  • That is the trouble with lack of communication and badly scheduled housekeeping. Means people waste their time contacting other people who escalate to even more people. It then achieves nothing, resolves itself when housekeeping eventually ends then everything reoccurs next time as no communication occurs and no lessons are learned from the previous occasion.

    It isn't an infrastructure issue as they aren't scheduled every month.

  • Robbo. You may well be right. I have just fired off an Email to Beccy Speight the CEO.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Have just got in Been trying off and on since about 6.30
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    12:50 The site appears to be loading quicker now!!

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    patily said:
    Have just got in Been trying off and on since about 6.30

    Good to see you eventually made it Patily!

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Thanks, everyone, and thanks, Mike, for contacting headquarters. I've only just opened this forum and it loaded as quickly as ever. Perhaps in the interest of sanity and keeping the blood pressure down, all early risers might consider planning to have a nice, long, peaceful lie-in on the 1st of June!

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  • Ian S said:

    Since the turn of the year the forums have been incredibly slow on the first day of each month (January to April). Will this trend continue tomorrow on the first day of May?  Answers on a postcard please. Ian

    Thanks for trying, IAN, but of course I was oblivious to your post so spent hours and hours battling and was crushed under the weight of it eventually, and gave up.

    However, I did find a Cougar and an earwig on the Starr Ranch cams ;)

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  • At last the site seems back to normal although I have a feeling that I will need to resurrect this thread on 31 May Ian

  • Ian my post on LA took over 12 hours to appear on forum.   I did give up however I have had a very frustrating day with another matter, so it is time for a  


    On Monday the 1st of June I am going to give it a miss 

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  • I had forgotten about the 'monthly disease' and it has taken until now for me to acess The Community. Yes Mary about 12 hours seems right to me. Now for hours of catch up- a mixed blessing! Thank you to all of you who have provided my catch up reading material.