• Feeding the bobblehead 13.52.
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    Sheila she hasn't hatched eggs before. She laid eggs on the Pont Croesor platform near Glaslyn I think on more than one occasion. Aran the Glaslyn male was the father, but he couldn't feed two incubating females and she had to abandon the eggs to feed herself.

    Thanks AG, that's really what I thought:  she hadn't actually had a hatch before although she had laid eggs.

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  • Thanks for the time of feeding AG.  I've just looked back and was amused to see 5F/Seren really tucking into the fish which Dylan brought in.  The wee one was 'bobbleheading' and calling.  5F looked, and continued to eat.  She must have been very hungry.  We one lay down and 5F attempted to offer food to it, but because there was no gape she drew back.  Up again and slipped down the side of an egg, while 5F ate.  Not up.....5F takes a step forward, and takes another bite.   13.54 she offers wee one a piece which is gratefully taken, but it can barely hold it's head up

    Instinct is telling them both what to do, it just needs a bit of fine tuning.  Come a little closer 5F,  She has, and picks up the discarded pieces.

    13.59 5F/Seren comes round to incubate, changes direction and tries from another point.  I'm not sure whether she picked up pieces from the nest or not, sut she tried to put her beak to the wee one's as tho trying to feed it.  But the left over fish is at the far side of the nest.  A good effort both of them!

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    She is lovely to watch, Sheila. Such a huge learning curve.
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    Hi all - it's old news now but here's my version of the hatch - with some of Seren's bemusement omitted, norty sorry but I was trying to keep it as short as poss -MARY's vid will have to be mentally inserted ;)  Includes Dylan's take-over and his fish: