• No,, it doesn't play just goes back to the file position in my folder. Oh well, I know I can post pics ok.

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  • Good morning, no eggs to be seen.

  • Morning ALL - thanks for the updates.

    Currently, scene just as Mary's post above but without the sunrise.

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    Lynette D said:


    Im  doing something wrong as it seeks to upload and then have to convert it to link but not sure if it will play - just seeing if I can post it successfully.


    When I click on it a box comes up asking if I want to download or play it.  Select Play and it plays in my VLC player - it would play in anyone's default player :)

    This is what I think! ;)

    My vids are hosted by YouTube but if you want RSPB to host it you'll need to upload it via:

    Make sure you take out the preset sizes, just leave them blank.

    I haven't really got going yet today but do have a go and see if we need more tweaks :)


  • MIKE:  one for Abi?   Capture of two eggs taken at 13:23 

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    Now I wonder if there are just two in the nest or three??  

  • Here is a short video where we can clearly see two eggs!