The wonderful Mrs G returned on March 21 at 10h36 for her 17th season.

 She has been waiting patiently for Aran, who could arrive any time now.

Aran return dates:

There has been a frequent visitor to the nest, an unringed female who made her first appearance on 27/03/2020. Mrs G has made it very clear who owns the nest! She is remarkably similar to a female that has visited before in previous years. See Facebook post or click here.

Unringed female on 27/03/2020:

But we are all waiting for our much loved male resident to arrive. Will today be the day?


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  • Thanks, Birdie, for the new thread, pics and information. Fingers crossed that Aran returns very soon.

    Kind regards, 


  • Thank you for the new thread, BIRDIE, with lovely pics of MrsG and the errant Aran (I don't mean it, the adjective just attached itself to him all by itself... but I will mean it if he nips off to Pont Croesor (sp?)  )

    The nest has been in buffer mode since 01:06, refreshing doesn't do any good.

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  • Visitor about 0715
    Looks like CS4,   Scottish female from Aberdeenshire.
    Sure we have seen her before but can't remember where?


  • Thanks very much for the intruder snapshot, Colin.

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  • There was an earlier visit also, at about 07h05. Both landed, Mrs G mantling on left hand corner of the screen and CS4 (EDIT: CS8 officially from Glaslyn) on the rim, back to the camera. The camera person zoomed in. I have the recording but the site is painfully slow today.

    EDIT: Added at 13:09