Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 29 March 2020

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    Happy Birthday to OH
  • Diane love the idea that the Red Tailed Hawk is looking after you.
  • Harelady:   :-) You have to wonder.....   That's why I like keeping up with the Darwin Awards (aka Chlorinating the Gene Pool/Evolution in Action, etc.).  https://darwinawards.com/

    OG: My niece commented that the podiums for folks in your official update broadcasts are all 6' ft or more apart, whereas updates from Our Clueless Leader have a supporting cast lined up cozily behind him..... You'd think.....

    I'm sure I'm not the only person who is losing track of the days with schedules all on hold.  I was thinking this morning (as I was putting on my socks) that it must've been like this back in the days before anyone knew about days, clocks, hours, etc., and that things must've been less pressured.

    Have one last section of work on the parkway along the road to weed/tidy up and have been culling photos in the evenings. Haven't had to pull out the jigsaws yet....

    Take care everyone.

  • Had a good roast lunch - marinated chicken breasts beautifully tender. Not always managing veg buying as we would like - loose not always available, so having to buy multiples, hence ended up with leftover courgette (still one spare!) and cauliflower - not a combination I would choose, but we have food! OH is now digging the veg garden. I am looking at the possibility of online buying of tomato plants - not sure whether it is worth trying.
  • OH had to get hose out to water everything seems really odd so soon after all the rain this month - but a lot of our garden is in pots.

    Spoke to both Grandsons today (Dau#2 said she wouldn't be making her regular calls as her Father in Law died last night - not Covid-related). Both "boys" and their wives are okay - GD in Law who is a GP was tested, but got a negative result so she will be back at work tomorrow; the two GGChildren are doing well.

    This will push the thread back up - was just about to slip onto second page!
  • Had a busy day again. No problems here with looking for things to keep us busy, or to entertain ourselves.

    Spoke to both our sons on video link, accompanied by some of the grandchildren. Little Rosie is cute as can be, and although still teething, does not have a tooth in her head yet! Everyone is well, and the children are settling down to a home schooling timetable.

    Had our roast ham meal tonight, courtesy of the freezer and M&S. Got out some pigs in blankets which were leftover from Christmas, and put them in the fridge to add to our feast. Roasted the ham with some potatoes, then as we were getting ready to serve it up, the phone rang and it was the Awful Cousin. Argh! OH talked to her for ten minutes, and I tended the veg on the stove. When we got to the carving up stage, I realised that I had left the pigs in the fridge, rather than popping them into the hot oven for 10 minutes--- Argh again!!

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    Agree too, Harelady,. Why waste money on letters when the media of some sort or another is broadcasting what to do all the time. It just seems an unnecessarily waste of money.

    Do miss going to church on a Sunday morning but our Minister is doing a podcast to download - just a short sermon of about 20mins. Listened to the service from Bangor Cathedral this morning. So strange without a congregation seems so weird but we know its safety first. Our minister has taken to ringing round his congregation once a week which I find really helpful. We don't live in the village where I go to church so it is a nice way of keeping in contact.

    Cirrus - nice to hear from you. I know what you mean about shop deliveries. I booked 3 weeks shopping deliveries about a month ago but for love or money can't get any for Easter or beyond at present so will have to resort going to the local supermarket - dau will take me.



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    Now that lunch sounded delicious, OG. I did a roast chicken dinner with apple pie and custard. Tend to get my vegetables weekly in the shop and manage to store them at times for up to a fortnight in the fridge so plenty to keep us going.

    Diane - forgot to say , thank you for starting us off and how wonderful you have those owls nesting just across from you even if they make a racket at times.


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  • I also agree about the PMs letter being rather extravagant. It could have been broadcast and would be just as effective - or not, as the case may be. Apparently some people are still ignoring the rules and advice we're being given. No wonder the NHS staff despair of the public who think it doesn't matter.

  • LINDA – Happy Birthday to your OH. Oh wot a shame, Awful Cousin can’t travel this year.

    HARELADY – Probably the letter is a waste of time as the ones who should read it, won’t.

    OG – It did feel more like a Sunday after I spent my hour with online church.

    Tighter controls in Aussieland. Groups restricted to two. Except weddings 5, funerals 10.  Playgrounds, skate parks, etc, closed. We can still go out of house for necessary food, medical, exercise & to work. However over-70s should stay home for their own safety.