• Tweed Valley: Some snapshots from the nest from 1.6.20 up to today

    1.6.20 No adults were present (only capture due to continuous buffering)

    2.6.20 One incubating, one with fish on the right perch

    One eating a fish on the right perch

    End of streaming scene

    3.6.20 One on the right side perch

    Close up of nest

    A Jay on the nest, no attempt by the Osprey to it chase away

    Jay on the left side perch

    Osprey eating a fish on the right perch

    ©FaLS/Tweed Valley

  • Only just seen the news about Threave Fantastic news but it looks very sad at TV Not a success this year it seems I'd love to know whether it is still Mrs O

    C Tweed Valley

    PS Do we know who the particular birds are the Gordon Buchanan is showing on Springwatch?

  • In reply to MaryGK:

    MaryGK said:

    Not looking good here Sandra :-( 

    No it doesn't, Mary.

    Blue ringed male on the left perch, Mrs O (I assume) on the right perch - each have a fish

    Male incubating

    ©FaLS/Tweed Valley

  • Although it all looks over for this year, there is something good to look forward to for the future in the fact they are still together and still on or around the nest.

    Richard B

  • Thanks everyone. Some good and some not so good news. Fingers crossed for the TV nest for next year, and for the successful rearing this year of the 4 new grandchicks for Mrs G and 11(98) at Threave. Glaslyn people must be pleased about that good news, Black 80 being one of theirs.

    Kind regards, 


  • Mary, Starling & Sandra - thanks for the updates. It was very sad not seeing White SS return and now this - very, very sad news. Hopefully they will remain together, strengthen their bond and success comes next season.

    And I am delighted for Threave and to learn of another 4 chick nest. I am sure Black 80 is up to the task of providing for his family for having done it before he knows what is required of him. Fingers crossed they have good weather.
  • Scene at Tweed Valley 

    It's the male, can just make out his BTO ring

    ©FaLS/Tweed Valley

  • In reply to Sandra :

    Tweed Valley

    One has returned to the nest and has settled to incubate

    Both there now. Mrs O doing some nest tidying

    She's gone back to the right side perch

    ©FaLS/Tweed Valley

  • Boulder County nest Colorado - this was the nest that the eggs got chilled in the snowstorm Mum went on to lay a further clutch and finished up incubating 6 eggs 2 of which hatched as reported by Mary.  I'm sad to report that one of the 2 chicks has died.  They were both looking very healthy, but chick #1 started to become unwell yesterday and didn't make it.  I have my fingers crossed so tightly for the the remaining chick

    © Scottish Wildlife Trust - Loch of the Lowes