Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 2 February 2020

  • Glad you enjoyed your lamb, Heather. Maybe we'll get more N. Zealand lamb now!

    We had toasted crumpets covered in strong melted cheddar - I was very hungry after tasting some of the cheese this morning!

  • All this talk of food … suddenly made me realise it's past 2.30pm and I have forgotten to have lunch! I'm going to put that right immediately.
  • Good afternoon.

    LINDA – today’s palindrome is correct for date format both sides of the Atlantic, but 12.02.2021 will be in February here and December over there, just a thought LOL. Very fond of Hellebores, we don’t have any now but Dau #1 has quite a collection of different varieties. Love the delicate single Snowdrops, but not the heavier double ones. (I am very difficult to please, I know!) Surely your “Forsythia” should be Witch Hazel (Hamamelis)? I think the pink “shrubbery thing” could be a Daphne. Glad you made it to the Farmers’ Market – haven’t been to one for ages because too many stallholders expect known regulars to buy every time! Lovely markings on the wee Iris.

    HEATHER – pleased the lamb was good – never been sure whether I have a great liking for Lamb, or just the Mint sauce – I use a lot of table condiments as well as spices, herbs etc in cooking. I remember the kerfuffle from our Commonwealth trading partners when we joined what was then the Common Market – of course, trading with Europe makes more environmental sense than bringing goods from the antipodes, but buying British is better still.

    PAT – I am someone who can never forget a meal time – in fact OH was quicker home from church today, so lunch was moved half an hour early!
  • J has just come home through a downpour following his third consecutive day out walking in town.! I don't think that one was in the weather forecast!
  • Poor J, OG!
    I agree about buying British whenever possible.
    It has been a miserable day here. Frosty and now damp.
  • Oh, dear, OG: I think I remember making a similar mistake this time last year about the yellow sprigs -- I must have a mental block about it! And I always forget what Daphne is, my mother had planted it and it's in a part of the garden - a corner - where it's been rather overgrown of late years. My OH got in there and cut back a lot of things as we couldn't see any of them properly!

    We have at least four kinds of snowdrops as someone had planted hundreds of them years ago, and they'd multiplied, and then my mother had put in some other varieties. I love them all, such joy to see any flower after the winter months.

    We have been checking, as we thought we might have a couple of numbers up on the Lottery last night. Apparently we had 3 numbers and we've won £109!!

    The sun shone off & on for most of the afternoon, and it's been springlike. Windy forecast for the next few days, though.

  • Wow, Lindy, that's a nice little weekend surprise. Hope you are going to buy a special treat with it - something you wouldn't normally spend money on.

    I have had one of those days where I seem to have been doing things all day but have absolutely nothing to show for it. Am I the only one who has those sort of days? Must do better tomorrow, when the deadlines kick in for another week ...
  • Just popping in. Thanks Diane - love the flower. Will catch up with posts in next day or two. Take care all.
  • Good Morning. Grey skies but think it's dry here.

    Pat, I have at least two days a week where I've definitely done stuff but afterwards think "where did the day go? - and what did I do with it?"

    Must go and start on today, as we have several errands to do together in the town. Then this afternoon, oh joy, more papers to sort.

    Have a good Monday everyone.

  • Good morning. Can this dry interlude last till after my blood test appointment at 11:10? OH is driving all day - he will take J to work (first day back) then take me, and then after lunch collect J for his eye check-up in Dumfries.

    LINDA - I think Daphne is poisonous - definitely the berries but maybe other parts - I know I was brought up to stay away from it in Grandad's garden! Congrats on the win!

    PAT - we all have days like that - and they do get more frequent as we get older! But maybe we can then say "I did a lot but can't remember what it was!"

    ANNETTE - didn't expect to see you with all the family there - continue to enjoy their company.