Osprey Sightings 2020

  • I can see why you thought Osprey Sharon, what size will the post be 6" plus?

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    It's an old telepgraph pole, not sure on exact size but would be roughly 6" so will give you an idea for comparison. I see the Buzzards & Kites on those posts all the time. It was more Kite size,
  • Thanks for posting extra photos. Others have beaten me to it. Tail was the biggest issue for me, in that first photo. Looks long which narrows things down and size was then the next factor.
  •  Hi all, I thought I would give you an update on my unidentified bird. It is believed to be a Brahminy Kite and has since been spotted by someone else about 30 miles away. I have set up a wildlife camera and popped a fresh dead chicken out for it (I'm a poultry farmer) so fingers crossed I might get some better shots. There is someone from Beast Watch coming to make a plan. They are a dedicated escapee exotic capture rescue group. None have been registered as escapee and I guess if this one has been blown off course from India it will be rather cold!! I'll share the picture the other people got. Thank you all that helped me.

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    Hi Sharon. Wow! What an interesting visitor you have. To be honest, I’ve never heard of them before so this is educational. I looked them up and see they also are found in Australia. I hope the rescue group can help. Also hope that maybe it’s ringed. Looking forward to seeing more pics and possible footage from your wildlife cam. Keep us posted!
  • I fear it will have been deliberately released as is almost certainly often the case with non native raptors that keep popping up in UK.