'FORUM FRIENDS, WILDLIFE-FROM-WHEREVER' (Off-season, all cams off at Loch Garten)

  • In reply to MaryGK:

    Thanks for the wonderful Pretoria video, Mary! Nice to see a cam from the land of my birth! Thanks also for the countdown link.
  • In reply to Lisa K:

    Yesterday, while searching for the Makov Rescue Station pond (where we used to see swans, ducks, storks, deer, etc etc) I could only find a stark, frozen, "concrete" (the word that sprang to mind at the time) pond... quite desolate-looking... but I ventured into rollback and to my astonishement found an OTTER frolicking on it.  The following is the result of several hours' work because of the constraints recording from rollback on "this", my working, laptop.

    BTW, I checked the donation info and it's the same as for the previous pond and bird feeder.