Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 15 December 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

  • Diane, I'm not usually around at this time, so it is my pleasure and privilege to be able to thank you for starting the new thread.
  • In reply to Pat O:

    You're welcome, Pat. :-)
  • PatO:  Surprise, surprise!  Thank you!  Hope seeing you this early doesn't mean you had a bad night.  :-)

    AQ:  I heard on the radio that Oz is being warned of record-breaking temperatures this coming week.  Do hope the forecast falls short......

    Got a video from my niece near Milton Keynes today who'd met up with friends to take their dogs for a walk but got caught in some really wild weather - lots of noisy wind, rain, wet dogs and wet people.

    Meanwhile, sunny and brisk here.  Could smell the ocean first thing this morning.

    Have a good Sunday everyone.

  • Thank you DIANE for starting us off. Now do you think you could redirect some of your chilly weather this way?

    As ANNETTE noted, we are heading for a heatwave. Expected temps for next 7 days are 34, 40, 42, 41, 44, 26, 25. The last 2 are reasonable but it looks likely to rise again for Xmas day.

    I was out to scavenge a library unvisited for a few years. Alas, they have culled much of their non-fiction and I could only find myself 3 books. They won’t last me to end of the week, let alone the Xmas-New Year break.

    We only give gifts to the Trio – biggies get cash. I have wrapped their multiple gifts in small parcels, thus using small pieces of wrapping paper, making their excitement higher, and providing a better display under our new small tree. Needless to say, OH only participates in a post-advisory role.

  • AQ - love that expression for OH's role in the wrapping! I've got two presents still to wrap - one for the cleaner and an extra for J as his will be on order if he ever finishes choosing it!

    Went to church - a Gift Service collecting slightly "Extra Special" items for "hampers" for food bank clients. Of course they will still need the normal dried goods, tins and jars. The person in charge of the local charity looking after the food parcels was there to talk about the work, and the soup kitchen which it began with twelve years ago, which now does so much more in the community.
  • Nasty temperatures to come, AQ. Does your OH brave them and go out for his lunch?
    HARELADY - I love the titles of the two plays that you will see on New Year's Day!
    OG - I haven't wrapped anything yet....

    Callum is here, washing and cleaning his car. His hood is up , it must be cold out there!
  • HEATHER - I hope he won't leave your driveway icy!
  • Heather/OG - I haven't wrapped anything either! Everyone is getting things I bought on my long cruise at the beginning of the year - but I haven't allocated things yet, I really should … I just can't believe December is running away so quickly!
  • Halfway through December - and only a week to the shortest day!
  • Hi I'm back, and I've just written a long hello plus many lines about today etc. But it is sitting on my tablet, as it wont post. Or else its going to post 12 identical efforts.