Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 November 2019

  • Morning all:  I too doubt Prince A will learn anything  Seems like he's following in Trump's footsteps when decrying former associations:  "I don't know that woman/man; I never met her/him - I meet a lot of people."   That photo of him with his arm around the young girl and Ghislaine Maxwell smiling in the background?   No idea where, what, or how?  Can't say what I think of him and his ilk on here. 

    Lindybird: Glad the second bottle of champers was okay.  Don't leave it too long!

    Day 3 of Monster Cleaning Effort.  I'm working my way through the house, corner by corner and on hands and knees in some cases.  Have scheduled things so I'll be cleaning my office/room (where second TV is) for tomorrow's impeachment hearings. Must fit in some grocery shopping at some point too.

    Take care all.

  • Have been unable to get on this site for days. Glad to catch up with all your news at last.
  • Hello all
    I've just had a call from OG. She sounded dreadfully unwell. On top of her other infections she now has a bad UTI. She been prescribed antibiotics and is on bed rest. She said that it would be fine to post this into as she knew that we would be wondering if she was OK.
  • Oh dear, Heather - poor OG. Do hope the abs work quickly. Thanks for letting us know. Please tell here we are all thinking of her, if you speak to her or message her, again.

    Dibnlib: I tried to post this afternoon, and the Site was saying "Unobtainable" so don't know if they have been doing maintenance work or some such.

    Its gone cold and dark here quite early today: winter is certainly upon us. My OH cleared up lots of leaves, brushed the lawn and cut down some of the climbing roses so that they wont sway on the winter winds.

  • LINDY - It was so kind of her to phone me when she's so unwell. It was to give me birthday wishes. I've decided to turn the numbers around from now on. So today I am 47. I wish.....
  • Oh, Happy Birthday, Heather! - sorry I've long lost the two lists I had made, of all our birthdays. OG often seems to know them, and reminded us.

    Hope you've had a pleasant day and that your family are spoiling you. (BTW 47, ahem.... is no age at all. And you look so good, too!!)

  • I can't sit out....

    I can't sit out, in the sitooterie,
    Because the wind's too cold.
    I really really, would like to be
    In sunshine and not cloud.

    The leaves have all left their grip on the trees
    There are no flowers left in the garden, but
    Let the sun come out, just for my Day -
    Even though I'm aged again
    I can at least say
    Tomorrow I'll be stating
    I was younger, today.

  • Heather: First, Happy Birthday!  Are the Danes still there and anything planned for a celebration?  How is their visit going?  My granddaughter sent me two 'numerical' balloons a couple of years ago and I posed for a photo with them in the wrong order.  Of course, the downside of that is that future generations will look and say, "She looks old for 57!" Second, not thrilled at all to hear that OG is worse.  Sometimes, some antibiotics can create other problems....  Hope this isn't one of them.  She must be run down....  :-(  

    Making dazzling headway in the living room.  OH is now compos mentis (he takes a long time to wake up) so he will be drafted for the heavy lifting part of the project. I'm not thinking about how much I hate housework until it's all done.

  • Heather: A very, very happy birthday to you. Hope you are having/have had a super day. I'm sure a family celebration will be somewhere in prospect.

    So sorry to hear about OG's problems. She is having a really rough time ... hope she is soon back with us and feeling a great deal better.

    Annette: When you've finished your Monster Cleaning Effort, could I please borrow you for a couple of days? And if your OH could come as well and help me move some furniture ... (PS - I hate housework too!!)
  • In reply to Heather B:

    Happy Birthday, Heather!