Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 20 October 2019

  • Grr. It won't post from my phone, again. I'll go and reduce it in size and try again later.
  • Lindy - Glad you have some sunshine. We have wall to wall rain! It poured most of the night and is forecast to go on until mid afternoon. The long awaited outing to Scotney Castle has been aborted - too much 'outdoors' to enjoy in the rain. A nice lunch outing instead. We will try Scotney when the weather is more clement.

    OG - Sorry to hear about the service yesterday. A preacher's worst nightmare - to be handed someone else's notes and be expected to produce a service from them!
  • We're very relieved not to have rain, Pat, as we've had so much in the last month that it was declared to have been the wettest September for many years. The garden is very soggy and the grass is wet all the time, as its been truly soaked.

    Sorry your outing had to be delayed. Maybe you'll have a nicer day to go.
  • OG - I do hope you can find another or someone/someway to repair your osprey.

    LINDA – I have been & returned, somewhat tired today. A good trip but the last until probably April.

    Late Friday I posted my flickr pics of the Wirrabara silo art (and forgot to tell you) with the female & male red capped robin. I'm off to snooze evening away with TV.

  • Enjoy your rest, AQ.

    PAT - Sorry that the trip has been postponed, the weather really has been so wet this past few weeks.

    OG - I'm glad that the songs were rousing, at any rate! Reminds me of the Salvation Army, my younger girls went to Sunday school there. Yesterday morning the service on radio 4 was from the Salvation Army Citadel in Oxford Street, London. I enjoyed the songs, especially 'How Great Thou Art'.

    There is a programme on TV this evening about the Californian fires last year. BBC2 at 9pm.

    I'm waiting for middle daughter to arrive -

    Regards to all
  • Have been trying to shrink my pictures to put on here, but had to give up for now as I need to get things done today.

    Just took this of our nerines, which are really colourful this year - hope this will post:

  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    Yes it is good to be in touch with schoolfriend. My friend from Fochabers was a GP in Fochabers then worked in A&E at Dr Greys in Elgin. She retired early this year and since then has practiced what she preached. She is learning Gaelic and also took woodworking classes and made herself a lovely coffee table. All that and trekking in Nepal.....Just makes me feel tired!!!
  • AQ: Love, love that silo art!

    Lindybird:  I assume that BBC 2 program is the one about the fire that destroyed Paradise; it's pretty gripping; can't imagine being in the midst of such an inferno.   Don't worry about the second OH/Bonnie photo; I wish pix would load a little larger on  here - they're too small to appreciate much of the time.  I can't believe that that video of the mountain lion I posted last week uploaded by just clicking and dragging.

    More hot weather today.

  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    OG- possibly a custom woodworker could fix the osprey for you.
  • Lurker Alert! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy all the posts and it makes me feel I am part of a very big family who are far and wide in the world.

    My first Granddaughter Seraphina is 8 today and I can remember coming on here to tell you about her arrival. I now have 3 with another due in February so feel very blessed.

    The last month has been hectic with lots of travelling at weekends and as I am now back working full time,  I am exhausted.

    On Friday my Great Nephew (31 - my siblings are all a lot older than me) got married at Hedingham Castle in Essex. A wonderful setting but not good for the elderly guests at the ceremony was in the top part of the Keep which was up a very small stone spiral staircase with a rope handrail! It took quite some time to get everyone up and even more to get them down.

    It was a pagan/new age ceremony with a hand fasting part which was very sweet and a lovely quartet playing throughout.

    My niece made the cake which was amazing. I will try and attach a photo. its a bit dark but you get the idea.

    I hope all that are having problems get the resolved soon.

    I am off to a surprise 50th Birthday party on Friday in Cheshire - I will be seeing people I have not seen for years - so I can imagine they will all be thinking " my goodness - hasn't she put on weight"

    Oh well the diet can start again after Christmas!

    Bye for now from a very soggy Suffolk!