Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 September 2019

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  • Good Morning. Drizzly here, but supposed to clear up later.

    Lynette, hope you enjoy yourselves next week. My OH has put a new plaster on his thumb and hates a fuss, now I just have to hope its healing up alright.

    Must go out on errands today, then get out the suitcase again!
  • Rosy, yes, its Lakeland Ltd, which for years was Lakeland Plastics. I must have been buying stuff from them for over 40 years. I find their brochures irresistible, and I have had friends who describe them as "home makers porn!" Their shops are even worse, as you go in there for just a packet of stick on freezer labels, and come out with a jar of BBQ sauce, a whisk, and a baking tray!
  • Good morning! Wet when we got up, but lovely now – sunshine, and warm with it! Had to get up early for OH to dress me before he went out – dealer where we bought J’s wee Kia went into administration and closed, so had to look around for nearest – Selkirk or Workington! Workington won as Selkirk is a pretty winding route! Had to have service etc at a Kia dealer as it has prepaid warranty and service. He has promise of a courtesy car but won’t drive home during the day – 55 miles, so he might just get here in time to go back! He’ll probably explore the coastal towns. Anyway, we heard this week that a different Carlisle dealer has taken on a dealership for Kia and is having service staff trained by them, so next time could be back nearer home.

    LINDA – think I know that bit of road where you were misled yesterday – very confusing. When J was in Christie’s 30 years ago, Dau#1 came to fetch us home one weekend, and she got lost in the other direction! The roads have changed since then but are just as difficult. Glad you were pleased with the new blinds. Are they rollers or verticals?

    HEATHER – sorry you have to do more homework on the boiler possibilities – hope you find someone reliable who knows what’s what!

    Re my hospital visit – an extra reason for opting against surgery was to avoid being totally off my feet while J is still waiting. Surgeon did say recovery could be adversely affected by stress. I have several other health conditions contraindicating surgery, but he says the time could come when it will be best to take some risks in the future.

    LYNETTE – I hope you will have a good week in Cumbria – without rain in between times it would not be so beautifully green, but good to see it dry!

    We went to Lakeland Ltd in the Trafford Centre when we were last down there; I managed to remember everything on my list which was at home but spotted other things … and I daren’t mention the total bill! Thinking of going to the Windermere store one day next week if J is still off work – will have lunch in their restaurant. Will go later if he is back at work – don’t want to venture too far from Annan if it is his first week back. I have a feeling he’ll be getting an extension of his sicknote (locals here call it sick lines).
  • Was pleased to manage to get a prime parking space in the town this morning, as it was raining. Got my photos seen to & collected prescriptions, etc. , feeling smug because I'd filled the w. machine before I left. The sun was coming out by the time I got home, so went to retrieve the laundry, only to find that it was just sitting there, I'd not switched it on! Bah! Its on the line now, as I used a quick programme.

    OG, it must be a nuisance to have the dealership close down, when you still have a service agreement. Hope J enjoys his enforced day out. We have been to both the Trafford Centre and the Windermere shops of Lakeland, both fascinating!

    The new blinds are the latest kind of venetian, with wide wooden slats and heavy ribbons going down. I really wanted the new style which are louvered effect shutters - several neighbours have them, but oh my gosh, they were eye wateringly expensive and it would have been indulgent to spend so much on them. These are white, with a wide space between the slats, which lets lots of light in.
  • Morning all: Nice day visiting with various folks yesterday then a relaxed dinner at local Greek restaurant with friend last night. Now lolling about and nattering before a shower and breakfast and the ride home.

    I see Scotland's courts have decided prorogation is a no-no; to be appealed next week to London court by Boris et al.

    Take care all.
  • LINDA - J was at home with me today as he can't drive for a year after the last seizure which I have recorded as December 23rd, so OH went.. OH has had to leave the Kia at Workington as it needs a new part - under warranty. I think it will be ready for Friday morning, and he has come home in a courtesy car. The prepaid servicing and extended warranty are direct with Kia, so no loss there from collapse of original dealership - just the time and expense of the longer journey this time.

    ANNETTE - hope you get a good journey home.

    Just had a big black cloud; all said "here it comes" but had barely five spots of rain on the window and current bright sun makes the cloud look even more black as it drifts away north-eastward.
  • I've been coming on here and trying to sign in for about 20 minutes, grr. It didn't like me at all!. Once, when we had this problem before, I tried to rejoin the Site by reapplying for membership as my OH -- however, it didn't work and now I sometimes have problems with the Site when its unable to decide who I am! (Slaps forehead......)

    OG, I don't know what I was thinking of, I know darned well that J can't drive at present, my only excuse is that I'm so busy today I wasn't concentrating! Sorry that the car needs a new part, but presumably that's still covered by the warranty. Hang on you just said that...... as you were, take no notice of my wittering.

    Hope Annette has a good journey home.
  • LINDA - no worries but I decided to mention it for people who don't know so much about J! He had a call this afternoon from surgeon's secretary at Wythenshawe - clinic appt to meet him next Tuesday. OH will drive him down and I shall stay at home so I don't slow them down.
  • That's good - progress!