Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 September 2019

  • AQ - sounds like a good trip with plenty to see.

    ANNETTE - sorry about the heat - hope tomorrow will be more comfortable.

    FB - you sound like a new man - so pleased you are feeling better!

    LINDA - sounds and looks idyllic. Lovely photos. The second flush of blooms on the Buddleja is continuing, so we still have butterflies - including painted ladies. Apparently, the ones we see this late could be from a hatching in Britain -offspring of the early ones.

    Not sure about tomorrow's weather, but I ought to try to go to church tomorrow - a meeting after the service too. Had a lovely afternoon in the garden, but had to wear a jacket.
  • Lindybird: I don't understand why some photos are large and others small....... Is it luck or some clever move on your part?
  • STARTING NEW THREAD NOW (a little early)