GLASLYN OSPREYS - September 2019 to end of February 2020

  • Someone's about

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  • Morning, KORKY :)  I took this snap ages ago:

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  • Oh yes, sorry! I see it on the previous page! Morning scylla :-))
  • Morning All - thanks for all the updates, captures and vids.

    Every morning I look in expecting to read KA0 has left and am surprised to see her still here!. What a star Aran is staying on and looking after her.

    Cam scene is just the same as Scylla's 08:32 capture posted above - she is in the trees and it is windy!

  • In reply to Karen:

    I did the same tremor-trick as yesterday and stopped recording just before the fish delivery, so that's been recorded from rollback :(

    Here's KA0's day, very sketchily, up to fish, which we don't get a good look at - as MIKE said, it was part: