GLASLYN OSPREYS - September 2019 to end of February 2020

  • Awww, Scylla, you're very welcome
    My laptop is behaving badly today. I can't record at the moment. Your offer to record until midnight much appreciated . I'm on my tablet now. I nearly lost my video of KA4 today. I was saving it and the laptop stalled. Fingers crossed it works. I'm rebooting in the hope tech problems will be sorted.

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  • Oh my!!! She's still here and Aran brought her a fish! And she has flown already..
    Scylla, tech problems sorted, phew....

    Aran is spotted at the top of a distant tree. Bless him! Looking after his little treasure.

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    2019 LG Updates - March - August

  • In reply to Birdie Num Num:

    What a tease she is! lol Thanks Birdie :)

  • Wonder if KA0 will surprise us again tomorrow...bless her?
  • Half my message disappeared! I was saying how marvellous Aran has been keeping everybody fed
  • KA0 on the nest and Arran delivered a Flounder about 7pm according to scroll back.


    Birdies LG DU update.

  • In reply to Mike:

    This evening's fb update which includes a vid of Mrs G's last visit to the nest and flight circling over the Glaslyn valley


    Keep safe beautiful lady, see you next season!

  • In reply to Birdie Num Num:

    Well I never !!!  She's a tease indeed!  What a dad Aran is :-*

    Birdie Num Num said:
    My laptop is behaving badly today

    So was mine - "this" one, the one I do the downloads and video editing and posting on.  It was seizing up and a lot of the icons in the taskbar were disappeared, Windows Explorer and Task Manager "not responding"...  had to reboot, OK since.

    Well I'm still recording... and no BIRDIE since 17:20 (hope the laptop didn't give up the ghost! ) so I'll do videos of the 2 fish last evening, all being well here...

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  • In reply to Birdie Num Num:

    Birdie Num Num said:
    Aran is spotted at the top of a distant tree.

    When the light improved, I think we can see that it was KA0 with her flounder, she flew off with it from there - see vid.

    What surprises me is that KA0 had put away that first flounder and was ready for another one so soon :)  Little gannet ;-*