Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 18 August 2019

  • Pleased to hear that J has had a good day, OG. We had a bright day, too, except for a sudden shower this afternoon. Now its gone much colder again. Off to bed for my beauty sleep!
  • In reply to ForestBoar:

    Hi ForestBoar, nice to see you back. Just goes to show that not everybody need nescessarily take statins and that article should be made available in case others have the symptoms you have had or at least some of them. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery.

    Diane, thanks once again for starting us off. Try not to work too hard.

    Lindybird - sounds as though you had fun at your son's with family and the cake.


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  • Annette, hi. Mine does automatic updates. Often when I switch off at night it says its performing updates so don't switch off so it will probably be automatic with you too.


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  • In reply to Pat O:

    Pat O, that sounds great that you can show some of your photos with a talk. It must have been a wonderful experience. Have you posted any yet.

    Hi AQ, we all get muddled some time. Keep well, see you are enjoying cooler weather.

    Heather - apparently son's injury is healing well, stitches came out yesterday. He said the maxiofacial surgeon did a fantastic job so he should have very little scarring.

    OG - good to hear you are feeling better. It does throw you when you change things around but somehow get through it. OH began 3 days of commentating on Sunday so have to go to the library on Wed instead, usually go on a Tuesday. Try and fit in any other shopping need whilst out so will do this after I have been for my hospital appt. re cataract.

    Thank you all for your news , always good to read what is happening.


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  • Crash! Bang! The sound sent me flying to close windows. The house behind us is being demolished. We don't need any dust Inside here. Meanwhile yet another cement truck has arrived next door. This must be for the driveway? I'll check it out on my way to shops tomorrow <grin>

  • PatO:   Hmmm,  So I forgot which cruise line you chose. Which was the one your friend chose that she liked so much?  Not that I'll be taken one any time soon.  :-)

    Sorted cataract friend out today.   This was her second eye and, like others, she remarked on how clear the vision in her first eye was after the op; that she realizes now that previously it was like looking through a yellow film.  Went to yoga class this evening and the instructor mentioned casually that, like me, she didn't recall seeing the orb spiders so early in the year.

    Take care everyone

  • Good Morning. Its been another wet night here, with rain pretty well all night.

    Lynette, its good news that your son's injuries are healing well. It was lucky that he was able to be seen by an expert. Good Luck with your cataract surgery, soon.

    AQ, it sounds just like here, the homes are all being altered or even at the extreme, demolished and replaced altogether. Sorry you'll have to put up with the dust which gets into everything, everywhere.

    Annette, you've done your good deeds lately, helping out your friend and her OH. I read all the itineraries of the Round the World trips avidly, it sounds like a great and comfortable way to see as much as possible, but doubt I'll ever get the chance to go! My OH makes a face when I even hint at it. If I win any money I'll invite sis in law to come with me and we'll disappear for a couple of months!
  • Annette - I travelled with CMV. Three star prices - no stars administration - two star food - four star staff (most of them!) - one star many of the berths (who wants to watch container ships being loaded?) - on the whole, three star trip. My friend travelled with Princess.

    Lindy - think you may need a little more than a couple of months!
  • LINDA - remains to be seen how J will cope when pupils return Wednesday - today is a second INSET day. He has walked there this morning since the weather is dry.

    LYNETTE - good to see that your son's face is healing well.

    AQ - are you considering any house alterations while it is all going on around you? Signs here of a rebuild of the house which burned down last year - too far round the corner to affect us. I think it was a complicated insurance case as it was rented and the arson attack was against the tenants.

    ANNETTE - early spider observation definitely seems to be global!

    No inspiration (or aspiration) to travel by cruise or otherwise - just hoping I may have the confidence to go see grandsons next year! But if it doesn't rain I will venture as far as M&S this afternoon!  Must now work on church newsletter.

  • Hello to all
    I'm not on good form today - waiting for gas engineer (again!)
    The boiler is definitely at the end of its useful life - 20 years old. Have decided to replace it but since I've paid a fortune for maintenance contract this year, will demand that the engineer does his best to keep things going until new one is installed. Yesterday it would not switch off - in the end had to switch off the mains supply to the boiler. Not good.
    Regarding travel - I've always had a curious mind and have enjoyed seeing things that I've read about. Have travelled most of the UK in my lifetime but have surely missed some parts - Norfolk and Suffolk come to mind!