Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 18 August 2019

  • Morning all:  A warm spell forecast here; not too bad though.

    Tree guys came yesterday and can't say I'd use that company again; the trees are fine, but they just didn't do the great job the previous company did.  They kept asking us for our opinion and they made one very bad cut that I spotted and had them redo, which really made me wonder.....  I was exasperated by the time they left and just wanted them gone.  Very nice and personable and polite, but two of them didn't speak English at all and the alleged supervisor seemed unsure. Oh well.  Not sure what we'll do about the olives in future, but we're planning to use the previous company for the giant Chinese Elm come September.

    Lindybird: I know what you mean about not feeling like looking anywhere else - we still haven't figured out what we're doing with the floors throughout the house or the blinds in my room.  Two have broken, that leaves just one that I'll have to move to the south-facing window in another month and hope it doesn't fall apart in the process. Still these are First World Problems so we should be grateful we're not being bombed, shot at, turned out of our homes or otherwise persecuted (of course, there is Donald Trump for the latter....)   Save a piece of that pie for me?

    Forestboar: I wonder if support house will ever get as bright and colorful as the workout tights I now see everywhere.  :-)  I still wear basic black.

    Nice to read that the UK will have nice weather for the holiday weekend.  Take care all

  • Likewise, ANNETTE. Most shrubs pruned today but some rather haphazardly, I think. He walked me round the garden afterwards, I was pleased that the work was done but my OH did things with love for his garden and what I get now is not the same.
    Just as the 'gardener' finished, the window cleaner arrived!
  • ‘evening, ALL.  Showers early morning, sunshine later and then heavy rain from late afternoon till now.  Good to see a better forecast through weekend – but not public holiday here in Scotland.

    J coped with children at work today – and has arranged permission to have his phone on this Friday, and leave if necessary, to discuss arrangements with us.  He seems to be doing better this week than at the end of last term.

    Have arranged to have our cleaner an hour later on Thursdays to fit better with J’s later start time and allow me time to be awake when she comes!

    LINDA – my OH would love Blackberry and Apple Pie – I prefer straightforward Apple and without any custard, cream or ice cream.  We are getting good Rhubarb again now – has taken on a new lease of life since all the rain.  We too are bothering less and less with comparative quotes – I think most suppliers of goods and services check their own prices against others in the locality.  Have a good weekend after the sad start on Friday.

    FB – Our elder Daughter and S-i-L are on holiday in the Forest of Dean this week – had a postcard this morning.  Sorry about the veins.  Hope you all enjoyed your pub lunch.

    ANNETTE – sorry the tree work was disappointing.  I keep saying I want a new kitchen, although it is of course OH who uses it.  But we aren’t sure what we would have – this one is fairly okay, just showing its age, like us!  As you say, choice is a first-world problem … many survive with no kitchen – and no food choices either.

  • FB and OG after 27 years in Bath eldest and OH have moved to Redbrook not far from Monmouth . Their house has a view over the green towards the river and a short walk over the bridge to a pub. Her OH was a Cinderford boy and is enjoying catching up with old friends.
    We are off to Edinburgh for 4 nights and found a SC cottage with a garden for the dogs. Weather looking good as we are off to a Bullie Walk.. last year over 40 dogs took part . Fingers crossed it’s not too much for Duke our rescue but will play it by ear .
  • Nice to read lots of long posts. Had a busy afternoon, as went to nearby town with another (!) bag of books and DVDs, for the charity shop. Got some photos printed of our recent family visits and of little Rosie. Dashed round Sainsburys. When I got home I set to, after a quick cuppa, to making the famous blackberry & apple pie - after we'd had our meal with our favourite sausages, my OH made the custard in the microwave as it cooked. The pastry which had been rushed, came out very short, but the pie is still lovely, and there's plenty left!
  • OG - had you thought of just replacing the cupboard doors? We did that once, years ago, and it was very effective. You can also replace just the worktops if they're getting 'sad.'
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Lindybird said:
    "You can't take it with you!" says my sis-in-law, bless her!

    To avoid spending, my father used to say “It will see me out”.

    Nanny duty is never the same week to week. When I arrived mid-pm, one was in the bath having pleaded to bath alone, ie play with plastic ducks & frogs. However the other didn’t want to bath alone. Dau had negotiated a settlement allowing overlap time. However I was unaware of these arrangements & messed up by allowing the first out before the second in. My negotiations succeeded in getting the second into water with the first promising to get back into bath for a little while. She slipped away and was running around naked before deciding to defy me and get dressed. The other, busy playing, didn’t realize for some time that she was alone. Yes, they do eventually soap themselves.

  • AQ;  Well, you wouldn't want things to be too predictable would you?

    Re money, my mother used to say, "If I've got a penny, you've got a penny."  I always remember than as such a reassuring saying....  :-)

    Am watching at Nature special on squirrels - it starts off in Scotland with an orphaned baby red squirrel and then expands to California, India and now we're in Alaska!

  • Wendy - I know Redbrook well' also the bridge and pub, its a lovely one. Interestingly, Redbrook is in Gloucestershire and the pub is in Wales.
  • In reply to ForestBoar:

    But somehow FB they get Welsh free prescriptions..
    His eldest son sometimes plays with his band in said pub..
    Looking forward to my trip down beginning of October .