WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) Sunday July 21

  • Glad you've had good news, Heather.

    We're off out this morning: my OH is having the small procedure to take out more of the skin from underneath the suspect mole he had, just as a precaution. I've packed a cold drink to take with us!

  • HEATHER - Great news of sil’s return.

    Despite forecast of rain, we have had 2 fine but windy days. Perhaps I can send some of our freezy winds UpOver? The threat of showers made OH stay home <sigh>. Now at 5 pm the forecasters are proved correct – it is raining. Of course OH would have been out and home again hours ago! New term for school & kindy, hence nanny duty tomorrow. Less than 20 more nanny days, with next year only intermittent requests. By the time I’ve typed this the rain has stopped.

  • Good morning.  Decision was made to go out today – now Wednesday looks a better day, but have scheduled various other things, so today it remains!  It probably will rain as the window cleaner has just been, but we are only going as far as Dumfries anyway!  Yesterday we enjoyed the air conditioning at M&S and found most things on our list – and a few extras.

    LINDA – sorry about the Cousin’s worsening health.  Can understand how your OH feels – but a difficult decision to make.  Glad you slept better last night.  Thinking of you accompanying OH for excision.

    LYNETTE – pleased communications problem was sorted.  Enjoy the trip today – just hope you have taken plenty of water and sunscreen!

    HEATHER – good to know your SiL arrived home to go on holiday!  Hope they have a wonderful time.

    AQ – we actually have plenty of wind ourselves – a warm continental wind from the south.  Doesn’t seem like a full two weeks off from nannying, how the weeks fly by – although I expect the next 20 will seem slower as you look forward to only intermittent calls next year!

    Well, sounds as if menfolk are finished getting ready to go, so I shall make myself available.

  • We're back home after our clinic visit. All went well, and he sees the clinician in about six weeks for a check up afterwards.

    Thankfully, the car park there is in a cool, dark multi storey which left our car not too hot to get back into for the return journey! But I'm off out again this afternoon to collect my prescription sunglasses which I ordered last week. I could leave it to tomorrow, but its going to be just as hot then so might as well get it over and done with. MY OH now sitting in the shade of our big brolly in the garden, waiting for a cuppa. I think he's relieved its all dealt with as he tends to linger on these things so would have liked to go and have it done ages ago!

  • Morning all:  May I be cheesy and borrow OG's comments to all regarding holidays, doc visits, weather, ailing friends, etc?.    Meanwhile, I see the UK has a new leader.  So now we have two world leaders who are bottle blondes: Tweedledum and Tweedledummer?   Apologies to all the many smart blondes out there..  Enough said (probably too much said)!   :-)

    Have a desk full of paperwork before appointment downtown this p.m., so need to get moving.

    Take care everyone.

  • Gosh, its hot here, and we are not in the hottest part of the UK! I'm indoors again, in our cool living room, but my OH prefers to be outside, although I hasten to add he's still in the shade. Before I went out this afternoon, we were sitting quietly in the garden when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, some soil....... Bonnie had just dug a fresh hole in the lawn where my OH had been regrowing the grass for over a month, since she did it last time!

    AQ, I will be counting the nanny days for you, as you finish your marathon of helping out with the littlies. You have done a sterling job! (I know I find it surprisingly tiring nowadays, so can sympathise)

  • I know what you mean, Annette - I was thinking along similar lines about our blonde pair of leaders. Maybe that's why everyone is so much more interested in politics these days, there are colourful controversial characters involved now!!

  • Bring back the grey and boring politicians … they didn't always get it right, but they also didn't usually make us squirm with embarrassment every time they opened their mouths. I fear for the world with the leaders of USA, UK, Russia, North Korea and China all appearing to be loose cannons …
  • Day wasn't exactly as planned. but nice to spend some time together somewhere different - we went to the Peter Pan Moat Brae Centre for Children's Literature, which recently opened in Dumfries. More about it another time! We also took J's duvet for laundering (can easily manage without it these hot nights) and his best blue posh jacket for cleaning - both will be ready for collection on Thursday, but we shall actually go Friday when we are due to shop in Morrisons. A day at home to catch up tomorrow, and to get on with the church newsletter - transcriptions from hand writing done and layout planned, so just need to throw everything onto the pages and finalise service information and diary. Forecast has turned to nasty for tonight so OH will probably not be able to finish the mowing tomorrow - swearyword!
  • Good Morning after a hot night. We had thunderstorms but it seems to have cleared the air a bit.

    Pat, looking at history a lot of the leaders around the world seem a bit mad, so nothing new there!

    Going to potter around today, h'work and chores to do, then preparing once more to go to Wales this weekend.