Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 July 2019

  • Evening all: Quieter day here; grandson surprised us with a visit and took Ms.D off to the local park and- phew - wore her out, thank you!!

    Lindybird:  Yes indeed we did watch the match. Thought it was a good game and we were happy with the result.

    Lynette:  Let me know what else you find out about your family. :-)

    Have a good Monday all!

  • Good Morning. Wrote a post then found I wasn't logged in....

    Warm here & sun coming out. We're packing up to go home: at least I'll be able to tend my flower tubs at home which will be thirsty. Our neighbours are away so couldn't help. My OH felt unwell yesterday after doing some gardening here, as we took on the responsibility of looking after the flower bed in front of our caravan here. But he's OK now.
    Or at least, he says he is.

    Lynette, it must be summer if we have the cricket and the tennis in full swing, now!
  • Whenever I dropped in here last week, there was garbage.

    Thanks DIANE for starting us off and popping in ‘tween project.

    Great news LINDA of your namesake, lovely names.

    ANNETTE – We did have rain, all 5 mm overnight Fri/Sat. Today gloomy overcast. “Showers” promised later in week.

    HEATHER – How wonderful to have a cake cook in family.

    OG - I hope this week is brighter. You must be feeling better to manage church.

    ROSY – Enjoy your time with g-dau.

    LYNETTE – Cricket widow? Now’s the time for all those odd tasks!

    Our Ash Barty to watch tonight. Last few years I had given up on tennis as I couldn’t stand the grunting, squealing, tantrums, etc. So nice to watch someone playing nicely. Stop blathering AG, time to get tea.

  • Good morning!

    LINDA – yesterday was partly sunny morning and evening. Oppressive feel came from heat, humidity and higher pressure (though that wasn’t as high as some other days). Pleased the new Mother and Baby are home – so much easier to settle a little one out of the hospital environment with its rules and routines! Glad you will go down on Tuesday. Maybe your OH worked too long out gardening in the sun yesterday; I know I got a bit “wobbly after a second session outside the previous day. Safe journeys – and your plants will be happy to see you today, and the boys tomorrow!

    ROSY – I have heard about the Dog Days but can’t remember the context. Enjoy your GD’s visit – I seem to remember it being a full programme last summer!

    LYNETTE – am I right to think your daughter works in school? So presumably you and she can enjoy time together when your OH is at the cricket?

    ANNETTE - great the Grandson came and took Ms. D out – I hope you made the most of the rest time!

    AQ – hope all is well – you seem to be rushing around a bit now – presumably making the most of cooler weather – and that lovely rain! We are feeling a bit more settled after the nasty surprise of last week – now just waiting to accept whatever lies ahead – no choice, really!

    Cloud cover today, but no rain expected – wet tomorrow. This afternoon, we shall be shopping at M&S food, so J is coming too, to shop next door in Hobbycraft.
  • Fed up with all the spam getting onto the forum - surely Mods or Techies can do something about it?
  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    OG: That looks like a DDoS attack to me (distributed denial of service). The attackers use a network of malware-infected computers (turning them into bots) to send hundreds of posts to a target (often a server), with the intent to overwhelm it and crash it. The tech folks may be having trouble containing it. It could even be on the host server that RSPB pays to use. Just my guess.

    Edit: The site could shut down if it crashes or the tech people deliberately shut it down to contain it.

  • OG/DIANE - I haven't noticed any spam - how is that?

    OG - Amy had a couple of friends over the night before her birthday but didn't want anything other than a family get together.
    The cake was a simple Victoria sponge mix, LYNETTE.
    Today has been fine and dry and maybe the only day this week to be so. Therefore, I've been working outside. The grape vines needed some pruning, going into the greenhouse is a bit like The Day of the Triffids.
  • HEATHER - the spam is on the Forum (list of threads) not on our tread.- maybe you come on here by a different route.

    Forecast here seems to have a very halfhearted attempt - OH signs in by town and is getting different from me - I sign in with postcode! Either way, it could rain any day - or none!

    Shopping went well and we all met up for coffee in M&S - except they had no decaff so I had to have hot chocolate.
  • We are home and have been very busy. My OH went to pick fruit at the allotment (came home with raspberries) and I rushed off to nearby town where we have M&S, to get food to take with us tomorrow -- am supplying quiches for lunch, and will be taking some prepared dinners for them, as in the past I've cooked a huge pan of beef stew for them to freeze and eat in the first week or two, but of course I haven't had time to do that!

    Unpacked. Did some laundry. Watered the garden. Read about 103 emails, and replied to two! Rang our Youngest to confirm arrangements. Looked for the card I'd put by for congratulating son & family, and found it was blue!!! - I expect I was thinking I had plenty of time to make a pink one! We had a quick meal of sausages & new potatoes, then sorted out the food for tomorrows visit. Phew!

    I've not seen any spam, either - I get here by using a bookmarked page, not by going through the main pages.
  • Evening all:  Again, have read all the news and wish I had the energy to respond as I'd like, but I've just finished reading Ms. D Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Evil Toilets and am cross-eyed.  It's lots and lots of fun.  A bit like Monty Python in terms of pure silliness.  :-)

    Heather:  "The Day of the Triffids!"  Oh my ,  I remember people talking about that when it came out.  Didn't see it though.

    Am going to creep off to bed.  Ms. D and I will be at the airport at 8:30 am to pick up daughter.......I shall need a week off after this.  :-))

    Take care all.