Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 July 2019

  • Hallo all: I see Serena was trounced in fairly short order by Selena Halep this morning. Serena seemed tired and sluggish; no match for Halep with her long young legs.
  • A shame that Serena just didn't seem to have a good mindset - her shoulders slumped when she saw things weren't going well. A great match to watch though, and how well Simona spoke afterwards - a lovely girl.

  • The first youngster has just fledged at Glaslyn! (2 female chicks this year)

  • I spied a flash of orangey yellow in the flower border, and went to investigate - I found this lovely lily hiding -

  • Mission accomplished. Two sealed boxes and one large open box for GD to sort. One large open box for Daughter for Guides or Brownies (camping and sports equipment). Two boxes and a few larger items for recycling or charity. Tired and damaged boxes and numerous "things" will make a full car load for the tip tomorrow.

    Full hosepipe session in the garden this evening - 24 degrees all day, no rain and plants drooping!
  • Vvery relaxing day here. Middle daughter and Amy were here by 10am. Daughter made a vegetable tart which we baked before going shopping. Amy was with us, we visited the local bargain shops, as planned. It is amazing what good makes can be bought at such low prices. We came home, enjoyed the tart for lunch and sat outside all afternoon. Amy is very happy as I told her that she could sort through my collection of cake tins, etc. I rarely bake, these days. So she has lots of tins now !

  • Relaxing here, too: Did my errands & shopping this morning, read the papers a bit then this afternoon washed & coloured my hair, badly needed as silver showing through! My dear mother didn't bother to cover up her greyness, and was blessed with the most beautifully silvery locks, but I think mine is a mousey colour. Watched the ladies tennis Final, which was less than an hour!

    Heather - sounds like a lovely day, and the veg tart too.

    I see that you've had a productive day OG :-)

    I just managed to get to add my pic of the lilies. Its not been easy: my WiFi has been playing up, sometimes this tablet seizes up, and often, this Site won't do things!!!!!!! --- but I will persist if I want something!