DAILY UPDATES - Loch Garten nest - July 2019

  • I'm not coping, TREVOR :(

    And I expect they're tied in to a contract - I expect they only had a 24-hour money-back guarantee ;)

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  • My oh my, what a sad state of affairs all round with the nest this year! It is such a shame we had no Osprey's but with the all the carry on with viewing, it is just as well, we would all be away to the funny farm!!! Scylla you deserve a medal for all your patience and dedication, so I award one to you.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Thank you for your constancy to this nest SCYLLA If anybody had arrived we would soon know about it
    I'm afraid I do not kook in very often I an heartbroken that a certain bird is nolonger on the nest and has not been adopted by any other
  • NIGHTCAM 22:47

    DAYCAM 04:04

    What a dull 'n misty morning it was:

    Still dull and misty but brightness shouldering its way in:

    Bright and beautiful!  Little bird on the campost - it went onto the nest and there have been other little birds since, but not ID-able ;)


    OSPREY with FISH

    on the tree perch... but only for one minute - it must have decided on another breakfast table :(

    Terrible resolution :'(