• Just looked in again and PT5 had the fish, so I scrolled back and sure enough he stole the fish from his sibling :(

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  • In reply to Starling:

    You were correct Starling! lol

    Following on from Starling's report PT4 did manage to steal it back (he's behind PT5 here)

    PT4 walked away from the fish after eating for a short while so PT5 took over again

    18:22 Laddie delivered another fish, PT4 grabbed this one

    PT5 at the back, PT4 with new fish

    18:45 Laddie in with a headless fish, PT5 grabbed

    18:53 PT4 flew off the nest

    PT5 made short work of that...

    ...then nibbled from the remainder of the other fish that PT4 had left

    He flew off

    19:16 Lassie visited and ate from the remnant of fish

    She left the nest once she had eaten but left a small portion of fish

    19:58 PT5 came to the nest and finished the fish piece

    It didn't take him long to finish and flew from the nest

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    20:25 Lassie and PT4 were on the nest, she picked up any morsels she could find - PT4 did get a couple

    Lassie flew from the nest, PT4 left a few minutes after. It's been ENS since

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  • In reply to Starling:

    Edited post - the link is now showing

  • In reply to Sandra :

    21:44 Lassie and her boys on the nest. PT5 flew off (I don't blame him with all the shouting PT4 is doing!)

    PT4 flew away, Lassie left a little while later

    22:07 Laddie with a fish, Lassie was hot on his tail to grab it!

    Lassie guarded the fish until PT5 came to the nest


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  • In reply to Sandra :

    PT5 was still eating as the night cam came on around 22:35, Lassie was waiting patiently

    Lassie was finally able to feed from the small amount of fish that was left

    22:37 PT5 flew off

    22:40(ish) Lassie departed

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  • One juvie right at the front of the nest feeding itself They have their back to us so no hope of seeing the ring
  • Not sure whats happening  Insistenton being on that part of the nest but clearly having some difficulty.....flapping   shouting Is the fish caught in the sticks?  or is there a scrap he can't get? Now flown

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