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    Good morning

    Taken from scroll back

    Just one fish delivery so far at 5:48, PT4 claimed and ate all of it

    6:08 PT4 flew back to the dead tree

    I'm not around much today so will catch up later. BFN

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  • Sandra - you've been missed! No posts since you've been away. You just can't get the staff 

    HOWEVER, I have been out and about too. To Loch of the Lowes! Lovely afternoon. Plenty of osprey action - 3 in the air at one point whilst one chick was on the nest. Must have included an intruder, as there was chipping. No fish all day since the early morning one apparently. Dad landed with one just as I was leaving but immediately flew off with it, much to the consternation of the chicks. Lovely to be there again. Will post some snaps next

  • These aren't great as they're digiscoped. Various views of the chicks on the nest and nearby perches and lastly, the great crested grebe with two chicks, one on her back.

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  • Thanks for the photos and report of your visit Korky. It looks great!
  • Thank you for your report and photos korky, how lucky to be able to visit in person!

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    Thank you for your report/pics with regards to your visit, Korky! You lucky person! :)
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    I've scrolled through today's streaming and have found a 'few' fish deliveries.

    My computer isn't 'playing ball' with my saved captures so only timings for now in the hope that I can find where my pictures have disappeared to! Edited to show 'found' pics 

    The deliveries, all timings are approximate:


    16:05 (the one Laddie took away, as reported by Korky - hope the time is about right!)

    Redelivered 16:15

    another 16:25 (both juvies were eating on the nest)

    17:40 Delivery to PT5

    and 19:55 (Lassie was on the nest too (right)

    As far as I could see, both PT4 and PT5 have eaten well today 

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  • So sorry I couldn't help out today Sandra.  I hope you manage to find your captures.

    I had taken a screenshot when I first looked in today off scrollback of the first juvie to arrive this morning,(13/7) I think about 04.10

    The only other one I took was this one for some reason 09.28 Lol.

    I haven't been on other than that today 

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    Not to worry Starling :) I can't see a leg ring on the fly in your last capture so I'm not sure if it's been on cam before! lol

    I found my pics, they were not saved where they should have been, so I have edited my post above