• In reply to Sandra :

    17:20 Fish delivery from Laddie, a bit of a scuffle with PT5 but PT4 won in the end!


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  • In reply to Sandra :

    17:56 PT4 finished the fish

    17:59 Distant warning call? Both laid down on the nest (L-R PT5, PT4)

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    18:26 PT4 flew from the nest, PT5 followed a couple of minutes later

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    18:55 PT5 back on the nest, stayed for around 10 minutes

    PT5 came back at 19:58 - he must have seen Laddie with a fish as it was delivered at 20:00

    20:39 He's demolished the whole fish (uninterrupted). Down goes the fish tail

    20:45 A very full PT5 flew off the nest

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    21:27 Lassie to the nest, in came Laddie with a fish, I think it is PT4? (pic a bit grainy) who has joined her and getting fed

    21:45 Lassie left the nest

    21:47 Juvenile (as I'm not 100% sure who it was) flew off

    22:13 ENS but I can hear an osprey calling in the distance

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  • Video footage from yesterday, 9.6.19 (15:40) that I reported on, posted on LotL VC and Wildlife reserve fb today

  • Morning ALL - thanks for all the updates and captures.

    One of the juvies has a fish just now

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  • Lassie standing alone on the nest
  • Good morning,

    From scroll back. Prior to Karen's early report, Lassie was on the nest and just look where PT5 landed before the fish arrived!

    PT4 flew in from the left

    PT5 flew from the right and circled before landing safely on the nest. Both chicks got fed

    6:25 A second fish from Laddie this morning! No juvies came and Lassie, after waiting on the nest (as per Patily's report), flew off to the left

    6:45 She came back and PT4 had some more breakfish

    PT4 flew off after having his fill leaving Lassie to enjoy eating alone. I think she took a small morsel with her when she left around 7:05

    8:05 ENS since


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