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    Does anyone know how close other active Osprey nests are to the Loch Garten nest? How many years does it take to set up a translocation programme? Might RD and friends consider translocating young Ospreys from other Scottish nests to LG? Could enough volunteers be found locally to support such a programme for as many years as it would take? Or is the entire prospect completely unfeasible and totally ridiculous?

    Hi Ann, not sure that would be for the benefit of osprey, sounds more like for the benefit of us camera watchers. Whilst Loch Garten is iconic & the introduction point for many of us (me included) to these superb birds, in the grand scheme it is just another nest. Of course in the 50s it was so much more than just another nest, it was a shining beacon for wildlife conservation, but that is less so now. What really matters (I think) is the health of the total osprey poulation, not just one nest. I don't think a relocation programme from other areas to LG would automatically improve the general population numbers, but could be wrong. Ian

  • Ann, the whole purpose of Translocation was to try and get Ospreys to colonise areas outside their, then, established area of Scotland.
    I don't think there is any need to consider such a scheme at LG and I'm not sure it would get approval anyway.

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  • One thing I would try while they are taking the camera down is do like Karen says and at least remove some of that grass and make it look like it has been used.

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  • I suppose we are not really used to the scenario we now have at LG for I think all the public nests we watch have always been occupied and when one has not returned then the other resident attracts a new mate and so it goes on.

    Unfortunately here at LG, both residents are gone for sadly EJ failed to attract a dependable mate who would carry on when she gave up her reign as now. So it is just as Tiger says despite LG being a world famous nest it is now just another platform.

    On a brighter note the situation is not as bad as back in the early 1900s when the osprey was extinct from Scotland! Plenty around and just like those who jumped for joy in 1959 we will too when one eventually lands here and stays :-)
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    Alan. said:
    One thing I would try while they are taking the camera down is do like Karen says and at least remove some of that grass and make it look like it has been used.

    Oh definitely Alan.   

    I wonder if Jess was referring to something like this in her post writing "among other things" when saying they were removing the camera???

    We'll see but if not now, I do hope they do so for the start of next season.

  • Ian and Mike, Yes, I realise the reason for translocating Ospreys was to spread them more quickly to areas without any Ospreys than would happen naturally. Also, I was not particularly suggesting such an action--simply wondering about any and all possibilities of getting Ospreys to nest at LG again and that might be one. Ospreys are a huge draw for LG and with no Ospreys the RSPB might drop LG as one of their sites (or not! since there are other attractions around LG, otherwise Springwatch would not be in that area!). I also understand that permission must be received before any such activity takes place and hence my question about how far away are other active Osprey nests close by--that would surely be one of many possible reasons for denying permission if there is one or more other nests too close.
    Sorry to write and run, but I must leave the computer now. I'm off to the dentist so will not see any more responses until later today!

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  • Well Monty must have been attracted to an unused nest, wasn't he the first occupant at Dyfi?

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  • I agree that LG have to try to do whatever the experts think best to attract the ospreys back although removing the camera does seem a strange idea. As others have said, it doesn't seem to have inhibited returning and indeed new ospreys at this and other nests.
    What worries me too is the effect that no webcam is going to have on scylla and other dedicated posters. I hope LG factored that into their risk management approach at this nest. :-/
  • I am baffled by this decision, but it is clearly terminal now.  Nest cam is static.  They are not using treecam either as the cam has been switched off.

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  • Still it seems our Scylla, MC, is unaware of this decision. Thank goodness.

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