DAILY UPDATES - Loch Garten nest - June 2019

  • Probably thinking what to write Mike without the risk of being banned and also conscious of young readers for she is around as I have seen her posting on the Glaslyn thread!!

    And I am not making fun as like others, I really feel for the online community and especially Scylla who has faithfully reported on the comings and goings of this nest.    

  • I'm not too sure about that Mike, she liked a couple of my posts from this afternoon on this thread.

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  • Thank you for thinking of me and our other dear stalwarts, KORKY.  As you may imagine, I was thrilled to see the "live" nest when I unveiled this afternoon, and I immediately read the early-morning posts and started catchup and was even more thrilled to see that I'd come back up as early as 09:12...

    Then it went down again ??? :(((  And up and down and "Up Next..."  Uh-oh!

    Then I realised how many pages there were here, and saw Jess's post :(

    SHEILA pulled no punches, but in her customarily lady-like way:

    I am baffled by this decision...

    That sums it up for me, thank you Sheila! :-*


    They are not using treecam either as the cam has been switched off.

    I would have appreciated not being left dangling and wondering what to do with now-spare laptop real estate.

    Do you think Peter might know what's happening about the treecam?

    Overwhelmingly I am relieved that EJ wasn't here to be insulted by the cam this season.

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  • MC I am so relieved that Sheila has spoken for you!! LOL
    Even more relieved that the defibrillator was not required!
    I hope you've read the new thread started by Tiger?

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • From the blog "just in case a new osprey is jumpy around them", and "So, small steps maybe, but I have to say that even if these measures don't work, it has made us feel a bit better just giving them a go".
    That sounds to me like clutching at straws, which is not a criticism as I would also try anything on the off-chance it works. Ian

  • Hi, We are now live from the gantry. As Jess mentioned in the blog it has no microphone and no IR light.
  • In reply to Carnyx Wild:

    Carnyx Wild said:
    Hi, We are now live from the gantry. As Jess mentioned in the blog it has no microphone and no IR light.

    Thank you. Fingers crossed for a visitor or two very soon

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  • Thank you, Peter!  I am duly on the cam and signed out from YouTube/Google !!!

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  • Apologies for the confusing message from us (Carnyx) earlier. We were under the mistaken belief that the PTZ camera was also being taken down so as not to deter any potential visitors.
  • The nest looks a lot better now, much more desirable

    Richard B