DAILY UPDATES - Loch Garten nest - June 2019

  • I let the cam go downhill again :(

    NIGHTCAM 23:05

    We have a new spider:

    Suddenly a buffer and the cam improved all on its own:

    DAYCAM 04:03


    What (too scared to say "who") will today bring? :)))


  • Oh RATS !!!  (As CIRRUS would say ;) )  BIRDIE, you gazumped me yet again!  You weren't here when I refreshed, where did the time go?!

    It's taken me more than half an hour to sort this out.  This was my screen-capture:

    I had to find it on roll-back and record on "this" laptop with a .wmv recorder, which my editor can't handle very well:

    And here they are/were :)