LOCH ARKAIG (c)The Woodland Trust - MAY 2019

  • CATCHUP (edit - so many interruptions and digressions, I've ended up doing almost the whole day!  Sorry for any dupes due to my having the RF box open so long.)

    As you can see from MARY's video, I needn't have worried about the sticky-up stick being revived :)

    After the changeover at that point, Louis came back just to stand by Aila, he didn't bring anything.

    His wonky-wingy landing:

    And again - very flappy this time and he brought a see-thru stick:

    Back again with a "Why?" stick:

    This time Aila flew off and Louis took over:

    She brought back a "Why?" clump:

    Louis didn't get up, Aila flew again:

    A techie digression

    Then I've got the same shot again, cos there was a browser-refresh and the previous seconds were repeated:

    I used to get this years ago in the old Opera, it's so useful for making seamless joins when footage is interrupted by refreshes, nothing is lost.  Don't know why Chrome has started doing it on this cam, it doesn't always.

    Back to this morning's nest events

    Next was the bark event, recorded by MARY, after which: changeover.

    Next - FISH !!!  Which Aila gathered up and flew with:

    It didn't take Aila very long to eat that:

    It took her 12+ minutes to shift him.

    10:17-10:39 Big buffer.

    Louis returned bringing nothing:

    He took over and Aila stood by, had a mini-stretch and mini-preen:

    Eventually, when Louis wouldn't get up, she put this piece of bark on his shoulder:

    That didn't work so she flew off:

    Aila returned with a weapon in each foot - only good for choking him tho ;)

    But the threat worked and off he flew:

    Soon Louis was back and there was an intruder alert, both flew in unison and in the same direction: