Continued from April 2019

The season so far:

Mrs G arrived back 25 March and Aran on 1 April.  They are currently incubating 3 eggs laid 13, 16 and 19 April with the first expected to hatch around 20 May.

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  • Just now - Mrs G keeping those eggs safe and warm

    © Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife

  • As at Dyfi - nasty wet night, and MrsG has had some of her tail blobbed out :'(


  • Morning All - Aran currently incubating while I have just seen Mrs G cleaning her talons on the perch so I am hoping she has had some breakfish.

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  • What a relief to have the LS back Similar to above with Mrs G now preening
  • No fish up to the previous posts.  What happened was, Aran joined MrsG:

    She showed him the eggs but he wasn't allowed to take over:

    He stood by her:

    Eventually she got up and Aran took over:

    The cam stayed focused on Aran until there was a buffer and then:

    And then to this view:

    She stayed there for a-g-e-s, preening and looking like MrsG ;)

    Eventually she flew around and back to the nest and took over, Aran flew of course:

    Aran returned with a clump!

    Aran spent some minutes on the perch and flew off @ 08:53:

    Someone took his place but not for long ;)

    Aran returned after along absence - but no fish !!!

    He took over and MrsG went to the perch - this is just to show she had no fish, they didn't show her face:

    Aran's face wouldn't focus but the eggs aren't too bad:

    MrsG stayed preening and flew off at this point:

    She brought a stick:

    Aran flew to the perch and MrsG continued to faff with the stick:

    Aran flew off @ 11:41 approx.

    Back @ 12:05 - NO FISH !!!

    Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!

    More preening-on-the-perch for MrsG:

    I can't see why we suddenly had this view:

    MrsG returned to the nest and stood preening on the fence:

    Until Aran left:


    I only started looking for the early-morning fish !!!  One thing led to another !!!  I have to break off now, hopefully we'll have a fish in the next one-hour clip.



  • No fish in the next hour.

    MrsG was following someone above our heads.

    Look at her crop!  Surely I've got a period missing :-/


  • MrsG did get a headless (half-eaten?) fish for tea yesterday:

    This morning Aran took over very early, too early for the cam to follow MrsG to see where she went:

    After Aran flew the cam spent some time scanning the sky, more than one bird could be seen but not together ;)


  • Morning All - Mrs G getting tucked in just now

    while Aran gives the eggs a check

    and has now settled down protecting the eggs

    © Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife

  • That was a Flounder that KAREN captured MrsG with - and not long afterwards, when only the skin was left, she bit off more than she could swallow: