Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 February 2019

  • My Friend went for her appointment today, and has been admitted to hospital, thank goodness. The doctor was surprised to see how she had deteriorated and was hardly eating anything. Hopefully, she'll have lots of tests and scans now.
    I think her husband is very relieved.

  • LINDA - So sorry for your friend. I hope the Docs can do something to ease her. Hey, please send your OH down here. Unfortunately I did not consider “handyman” as a criteria when choosing a husband!

    HEATHER – I mostly sit in our bay window. The birds are always fossicking noisily in the gutter. When s-i-l cleaned the gutters, he said the gutter sloped with a small pool of water & debris in one corner. Noise explained. I have been buying so-called Danish feta for our salads as it is the cheapest. I’m sure the supermarket choice is all local Aussie.

    OG – We have couch grass, indeed it is what our lawn is supposed to be. It is quite manageable compared to kikuyu. Googling couch grass I discovered leaves & roots are supposed to be good for high blood pressure. Hahaha The kikuyu certainly raises my OH’s BP <grin>

    DIANE – I hope your cheque arrived. Certain political shenanigans are filling our news. What did reporters do before T?

    Nanny duty a breeze, not too many chores, Guides cancelled because of heat. (Planned program was clean up of nearby park but temp was 38 C). Twins each chose a huge stack of books for me to read. I managed 4 each – with them telling me the text before I could turn the page!
  • Hallo all: Well a marathon TV day here.  Phew.  What next I wonder.....

    Heather: Pepperoni pizza must be the most popular meal among teenagers all over the world. Hope your seagulls have finished banging bones on your roof.

    Lindybird: Ah yes, the constant bouncing ball. We have one on the street behind us, which doesn't bother me, but I can clearly hear all the yahooing when the guys play. At least the trampoline crowd go to bed earlier. Sorry about G; hate to say that it doesn't sound good... Please put me in line behind AQ for handyman jobs.

    Must go and see what OH is up to; he's had no input from me all day!

  • Hi, all.

    Just popping in to say that I did get my cheque/check today. Thanks for all of your support. I really need to get out of freelancing and get a "real" job. I'm too old for this stress. AQ: I need some of the couch grass to lower my blood pressure. LOL

    Lindy: I'm so very sorry about your friend.

    Heather: My car needs washed, and I like cheese pizza. I'll be over soon. LOL!!!

    AQ: Glad you had a good day. 4 books each. That's a lot!

    Annette: That hearing was long. I had to start inventing new sweary words. LOL

  • DIANE - At this stage twins' books usually (!) only have a sentence per page. More picture than text.

  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    Diane- I hope your check comes very soon. You shouldn't  have to wait after you signed a good faith contract.

    Annette- My injuries did not affect my ability to get around (except for a temporary fear of falling every time I ventured out on the ice). They were all to my head and face. Finally fading away.

    I also agree with your friend's niece. 

    Thanks to all who have extended their good wishes.

    I usually love winter but I confess to a real desire for this winter to be over and see some grass. Side note: my little stray cat that I started feeding late last fall has survived and thrived through the winter, even during the record breaking -30 degree night, He/she only ventured out of the shelter to eat and headed right back in.  

  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    Diane- just read that your check came. So glad for you.

    Lindybird- relieved to hear your friend has been admitted to hospital. Hope they can help.

    Riveting hearing on TV today but I got quite annoyed at the right who seem to have forgotten all the hours of investigations and hearings they held over HC. Hypocrisy at it's finest!
  • JANE – Glad to hear you are on the mend. I can understand your fear of falling again.

    Tomorrow PAT is expected in Cairns QLD. The forecast is for a shower or two, min 23 C, max 30, humidity 60%. Humid, ugh.

  • bjane: Yes, a couple of folks on that committee had me reaching for the mute button. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I'm now watching the PBS News Hour's analyses of Cohen's testimony and the possible implications. Looks like this nightmare will go on and on for the foreseeable future. :-( Don't know when you'll see signs of spring. It's been gray and drizzling most of the day here, with more due on-and-off over the next 10 days. Take care.

    Diane: So glad you got the check! Seriously, freelance work is very stressful. Been there, done that and can understand the appeal of a 'real' job.