Loch Arkaig Ospreys/Woodland Trust - 2019

  • Thanks for the ID aids Mary, other clues are that they clout each other with bits of wood or the male brings in about a tonne of moss :) Ian
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    Thanks so much, Mary! These pics are really helpful and will be a great resource when Louis and Aila return. I've heard of another way to ID ospreys and that is by looking at the iris patterns as these are as individual as fingerprints but not sure who has had the good fortune to look into closely into the eyes of an osprey, let alone note the iris patterns!
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    Good points, Ian! I guess we ought to pay closer attention to their individual nest building techniques. Each osprey might have a distinctive style of his/her own; like a Charles Rennie Mackintosh or a Gaudi.
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    Lisa, sometimes with these HD cameras it is possible to ID a bird by small markings/flecks in the eye.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Thanks Mike. It would be an interesting field to study further.
  • Thanks, Mary and Ian, for the ID tips! Won't be long now....

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  • Gardenbirder said:
    Thanks, Mary and Ian, for the ID tips! Won't be long now....
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    Hi Ann, hope no-one takes my "tips" seriously ;) Ian
  • Ha, ha, Ian, but you must admit that the Ospreys are all individuals with different personalities and some do seem to be more likely to 'clout each other with bits of wood' as you say than other Ospreys or they are doing other things in a particular way far more than other Ospreys do those things! For instance, I remember the first season for Blue 33 at Manton Bay when he was too late to have chicks but he spent the season bringing sticks and building up the nest to well over twice the height it was when he started! Sticking with Manton Bay, Blue 33 is far more likely to be seen cuddling up to Maya on the nest as though he'd like to be sitting on the eggs himself for longer than he usually does. Most male Ospreys are never seen sitting next to their partners on the nest while she is sitting on eggs or chicks, although I have seen Monty at the Dyfi nest doing that on rare occasion.

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  • Hi Ann, point taken. Ian
  • Thank you for the pictures & tips. Gardenbirder , I agree with you about the personalities. I think I came to know when Alia is around by her incessant calling for Louis LOL l I'm very much looking forward to this season.
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