Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 February 2019

  • Just tried to find somewhere to tell the web folks that the Rich Text Formatting button doesn't work. Not sure where to send info, Found an E-mail Us link, which didn't work!
  • LOL!!! --- not surprised! :-D
  • Amber seems to need food about once an hour. She ate a H U G E sandwich with a big slice of gammon in it this lunchtime. Then she had another one. Then she had some of the biscuits she'd made. This afternoon, she ate a big ice cream at The Ice Cream Farm, after admiring the calves and chickens, and playing on the tyre swings. Now I'm just going to get her something for her tea!

    (I was armed with a packet of wipes, ready for the onslaught at the farm!)
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    Annette in SoCal Annette in SoCal
    20 Feb 2019 4:32 PM
    Just tried to find somewhere to tell the web folks that the Rich Text Formatting button doesn't work. Not sure where to send info, Found an E-mail Us link, which didn't work!
    There is a roundabout way to get to Use Rich Formatting... write a post, post it and then edit it! The edit screen is in URF!  At the foot of your post you will see More.  Click on that, and you will see Edit.

    Don't ask!

    I believe that Elliott B is aware of the problem, and probably by now a lot of other problems!

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  • SHEILA - I too have used that "back door" method for Rich Text!

    Fix It Guy came today - in pouring rain. He did the digging out for the extra pathway, but says he doesn't think it will be dry enough for the next stage until Friday; he has however said he will work through the dry (?) weekend. Meanwhile, ramp fabricators and fitters have the missing handrail and intend to fit that tomorrow. I will also have the cleaner here, but OH will be out to take J to a training in Lockerbie and continue on to Dumfries for his own hearing check. Received my next Rheumatology appt for nest week, and have arranged annual services for both the scooter (at home next week) and the car at the dealer in March. So a busy time - again..
  • I've been using "more" and "Edit" to make my entries appear in Bold font, too.

    Glad Mr Fixit arrived OK, OG. And there are always things which seem to need servicing, it seems.

    It's been rather drizzly and rainy today, here, but it's not stopped us from doing things. Tomorrow we have to pack up many small toys and bits of Lego, etc. Bonnie will find it very quiet when our guests leave, early evening! Sis in Law called in this afternoon to deliver a toy necklace which Amber had left at her house the other day. Bonnie was pleased to see her.

    I'm having a glass of white wine and getting ready for an early bed!

  • SheilaF: Thanks - I was doing that and thinking "two steps forward, one step back" (or maybe it's' the other way round given all the changes). Then I figured that if there's a Rich Text Button, it should work! Silly me. :-)

    OG: You're just a social butterfly! Where's the new path going?
  • ANNETTE - path is to connect path from road to front door to the gate into the side garden to avoid crossing the grass to get me into that part of the garden without steps - previous pathway disappeared under the ramp! So much hard landscaping not environmentally friendly, but needs must - and there is still affair bit of grass to mow at the front!

    Dry here so far - and very warm for time of year.
  • Afternoon all, I too have been on Nanny duty since Sunday - my 7yr old Granddaughter Seraphina and her Dad - he is a teacher so is off for half term.

    We had 3 lovely days with visits to the beach most days and a trawl around the charity shops for books and games which she loves to do. She also ate me out of house and home but I did get lots in and they went home with a carrier bag of stuff that I wont eat. They left yesterday afternoon and I just wanted to flop but I was out last night at a friend birthday meal.There were 10 of us and although it was  lovely all I wanted was to be home - is this what old age does to you - I used to love a night out.

    Our weather in Suffolk looks set fair so I may get the lawn cut - what is the general opinion - is it too early?

    The peregrines are starting to get their nest ready - we have a pair on Norwich Cathedral and it has a super clear camera. I also watch the Derby one which is good but you need to keep the volume down as the bells are deafening however the birds don't seem to mind.

    Must get on as the washing machine has been going all morning with bedlinen and towels.

    Have a good weekend all.

  • HARELADY- not sure about grass cutting down in Suffolk but grass is growing here in the Highlands! I don't think mine need cutting yet, we may get a cold spell. OG is the gardening guru here... So good that you enjoyed Seraphina ( and Dad!) My family always go away with goody bags, I know they are appreciated.
    OG - see above re grass cutting... how are you getting on with cleaner? I remember years ago you had to stop having cleaners because they just weren't up to scratch.
    ANNETTE- hope that the plumber has sorted out your leaks etc.

    My Welsh friend is getting mightily fed up with being in hospital. She is not allowed to walk and is having increasing amounts of morphine as the pain is awful. I very tentatively mentioned the dog's future, she seems to be unaware of the problems that her friends may be having as they juggle his care between them. That is what opiates do for you.... Given that she has had a previous fracture neck of femur and has osteoporosis I don't think getting a lively puppy was such a good idea. Now he has tripped her up, resulting in this fractured pelvis. What a mess, and a large house but no downstairs shower or bedroom so no prospect of discharge from hospital.I do worry about her future.