OFF-SEASON OBS, LOCH GARTEN NEST, 07 August 2018 ~ March 2019

  • This is my first visit for ages and like seemenly everybody else I can't believe what has happened to the site Not sure I am even in the right place

  • My post has joined those of 3 days ago?????????

  • Tits not bothered "Are we being Televised? Chol:):)


  • In reply to SunnyKate2:

    Kate, do you think this could be the BBC Winterwatch team? Looks a fair sized group?

    I see they are based at Abernethy this year and there is a two page article about them in the Daily Mail Weekend magazine from yesterday.

    Birdies LG DU update.

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    Hi Pattily, good to see you. Sometimes, on this new fan dabby dozy new site, when you post it goes to the bottom, but once you go out and come back on again, its should be at the top, hopefully! The IT folks did make changes, which were good and they have indicated that after the BGW, there would be more! If they would just keep us udated.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Golden hour. And progress! I've been trying to post this since Thursday....Maybe I snuck in in between the 17,945th and 17,946th Big Garden Bird Watch data entry

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  • In reply to Korky:

    That's lovely Korky, they look Golden indeed.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • In reply to patily:

    Evening, All!  Thanks for the pics and posts.  Love to see those Cresties as well as the more usual birds.

    lol, Korky, congratulations on finally posting your pic!

    Patily,   Welcome back and please stick with it!  There have been some improvements in this new site since it was originally launched and the tech team did read our various complaints (the print is slightly darker and the white space between lines has been reduced a bit, etc.) so I trust that they will be back once the fuss has settled down after the Big Garden Bird Watch.  At least now the posts appear in the order in which they were posted rather than all jumbled up in numerous branches.  

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Hiya PATILY !!!  Glad you made it and please stick with it, we're all hoping for significant improvements... I say "hoping for" with a sinking feeling, actually.

    After you've posted, refresh the page and you'll find it at the top where it should be. 

    Whatever were they thinking?!


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    Good morning MC. Great emoticon! Says it all.

    Birdies LG DU update.