OFF-SEASON OBS, LOCH GARTEN NEST, 07 August 2018 ~ March 2019

  • Don't know when it came back up but it did, starting with a squirrel :)


  • Once I had made my mind up I had a coal tit and a great tit on the feeder, they had flown. A blue tit replaced them

    Edit:  and another anomaly - removing the numbers in the two boxes BEFORE inserting the pic results in a LARGE pic, as above!  Previously I inserted the pic, then removed the numbers. eg


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  • The squirrel who was eating when I got the cam back, stayed eating for a further 16 minutes !!!

    Then this Great Tit stood where you see it for 4+ minutes, then a quick nip to the feeder and away.

    I am not touching the Insert box settings before or after dragging & dropping this snap, SHEILA, let's see what size we get:

    I planned to add a Blue Tit but you've covered it very nicely, thank you ;)


  • Good Morning All

    Red Squirrel on feeder at the moment. Wonder when the cam will get switched to the nest?

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  • Hi Mary,
    Just to confirm what I know, but haven’t heard any more over the last 2 weeks, that is there is a possibility that the Bird-Feeder Webcam might continue live and online right through the Osprey season and 52 weeks a year as I have been in touch with Jess and Carnyx Wild over the last year or so and it is technically to have both the Osprey nest and Bird-Feeder webcams broadcasting simultaneously live and online at the same time and the Loch Garten management have been in touch with the The Lodge reserve digital team in Bedfordshire and hopefully it might happen. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



    I have just spoken to Moffer's husband who tells me that the operation went well yesterday and she was sitting up in bed at 5pm with a sandwich and a cup of tea.
    He will pass on our best wishes when he sees her later today.

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  • Thank you Mike, that's really good news, I wish her a speedy recovery.

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  • Excellent news, thanks Mike. Ian
  • In reply to Mike:

    What a relief! Thank you Mike! That is a great report that she is sitting up and eating! On the way to recovery! :-) We await her return.

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  • Afternoon folks,

    Just to say that we are hoping the camera will switch to the osprey nest tomorrow morning - all being well with the technology, that is. We've been having a little trouble with the mike, so please don't be alarmed if it's not working. We'll be working to make sure it's up and running properly in time for EJ's return (PLEASE!)

    In addition, later on in March, you will be able to view not one, but two webcams online, on the RPSB Loch Garten webpage - the osprey nest and the feeder. We also hope that over winter, once the osprey nest has emptied of its chicks (another PLEASE!) we will switch to another wildlife camera as well as the bird feeder.

    Fingers crossed for the technology please. And then toes crossed for EJ's return.

    Moffer - I hope you're recovering after your op. Sending you our best wishes from the team here at LG x

    Thanks everyone


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